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20 January 2017

Next EU budget: we want your opinion

The success of our efforts to overcome many challenges we face today will greatly depend on the shape of the next (post 2020) European budget. European nature is also greatly affected by EU spending, in both positive and negative ways, and therefore our efforts towards nature conservation will be largely affected how future EU budgets will look like.

That is why, as a member of SDG Watch Europe, we are collecting expert opinion about next EU budget cycle, by gathering input from NGOs, national governments, national parks, businesses, universities, think-tanks etc. –  everyone that works in the EU and is in touch with its policies, via online survey.

We invite you to fill the survey by 24 February and give your opinion about how should EU money be spent. It takes about 20 minutes to fill it. All answers will be kept anonymous and the results will be summarised in a report and presented in May at a stakeholder event for which we will send you an invitation.

You may find the survey here:

We would greatly appreciate if you could devote your time to this important question as your input would be very valuable to us. Please, feel free to send this survey to your colleagues and partners, so that we can collect a wide range of opinions from various angles.