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2 February 2017

Time to cut the CAP?

A public consultation on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with the alleged reason to modernise and simplify the EU’s most expensive and – according to many – dubious policy on agriculture is launched today by the European Commission.

With the opening of a three-month public consultation, the Commission wishes to receive contributions to define the agricultural policy priorities for the future. A modernised and simplified Common Agricultural Policy would address the key challenges that agriculture and rural areas are facing while at the same time contributing to the Commission’s policy priorities (notably jobs and growth), to sustainable development, to a budget focused on results, simplification and subsidiarity.

Ágnes Zólyomi, General Secretary at CEEweb for Biodiversity said: “Green NGOs very much wish to see a CAP that really delivers for the society and environment and not only for few privileged groups – 70% of payments goes to around 30% of the largest, most unsustainable farms. The new CAP should provide healthy food production, rich soils, diverse ecosystems and sustainable communities. So we encourage all to highlight these in their survey answers.”