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23 February 2017

Nature for modern, resilient cities

By 2050, 82% of Europe’s population will live in cities. At the same time, urban areas are facing a wide range of challenges as the urban population is growing, the environmental degradation is increasing and the effects of climate change are starting to impact our daily lives. A big and challenging task is now in front of regional and local authorities – creating sustainable, healthy and resilient cities that will be able to afford to withstand the future challenges and provide well-being to its citizens.

What is the answer to these challenges? Nature! Multifunctional green spaces, carefully planned and integrated into spatial plans, can significantly contribute to addressing these challenges.

Our publication “Resilient Modern Cities With a Little Help From Our Nature: green infrastructure integration into urban spatial planning” presents the benefits of nature for creating livable and healthier cities in the EU, including best practice cases and recommendations. You may read the brochure here.