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1 March 2017

Green-blue infrastructure and water

Today, demand for both drinking and industrial water is growing as the global population is expanding and as we increasingly use it for energy and food production. We are well aware that this “blue gold” is irreplaceable and still, we do not invest enough to keep our water clean and manage it in a sustainable way. Instead, we rely on grey infrastructure that destroys natural elements, pollutes the environment, costs large amounts of money and still does not function effectively.

The benefits that blue infrastructure provides for people and economy have been substantially documented in the last years and we believe it’s time to create a strong connection between water and biodiversity sector. A big and challenging task is now in front of regional and local authorities – creating sustainable water management system that will be able to afford to withstand the future challenges and provide well-being to its citizens. Multifunctional blue infrastructure carefully planned and integrated into water management plans can significantly contribute to addressing these challenges.

What is the right answer to the contemporary challenges? Nature-based solutions.
Read about the ways to integrate green-blue infrastructure into the water sector in our newest brochure “A Brighter Future, With a Little Help From Our Nature”.