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27 February 2017

Slow, green and healthy tourism

The INSiGHTS project of Interreg Danube Transnational Program is launched today at the kick-off meeting in Tata, Hungary. The focus of the project are integrated slow, green and healthy tourism strategies.

Regions in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Germany have outstanding natural and cultural resources in need to be protected. At the same time, they have a great potential related to the fast growing recreational trend of slow, green and healthy tourism, to make them attractive destinations. These features put these regions in a unique position to sustainably utilise their resources.

Main results of INSiGHTS will be improved participatory governance frameworks tackling responsible green tourism development, able to support bottom-up networks of tourism providers and generation of quality-driven green tourism packages, which will attract more eco-conscious visitors. Improving the environmental attitude of all players within the complex tourism ecosystem will lead to a better balance between protection and sustainable exploitation of local resources, reduce the ecological footprint of destinations and also contribute considerably to sustainable socio-economic development for the benefit of local communities.