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14 March 2017

Meet our Member of the Month

Did you know that Bulgaria is the second country in the EU with the highest level of biodiversity and among the states with the highest percentage of declared Natura 2000 areas? It is also a country where our member, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) works for 30 years now, focusing on preserving this rich heritage for nature and people.

BBF is a partner in the For the Balkan and the People project that has received the prestigious Natura 2000 Award of the European Commission (Category Socio-Economic Benefits) for 2016. This is a success story of the coexistence of nature and small local businesses in Natura 2000 areas of Western and Central Balkan that are economically poor, but rich in biodiversity areas in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation is also a member of the most influential environmental structure in Bulgaria – ForTheNature Coalition, which constantly struggles for protected nature in Bulgaria.  Right now, the coalition is calling for a support for a protection of Pirin National Park, by signing a petition that already gathered over 80 thousand signatures but still needs additional signatures to reach the target of 100,000. The petition urges the Bulgarian government to take immediate actions to save the Pirin World Heritage and EU Natura 2000 site by halting the approval of the proposed management plan.

A new draft management plan of Pirin National Park allows construction on 12.5 times bigger territory compared to the current area, and could lead to commercial logging affecting nearly 60 % of the park. The plan would jeopardize the pristine nature and ecosystem values of the northern park territories, as well as its status as a UNESCO site.

Next month we will present you other member of our network, stay tuned!