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27 April 2017

Take action on future of CAP

Our food and farming system is broken. Our newest infographic presents the facts that support this argument, by showing how is EU taxpayers’ money spent on agriculture in the EU. Annually, EUR 53 billion or 40% of the overall EU budget is spent on Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and it is important that European Union citizens have their say about it

The future of EU’s food and farming system is being decided now as the European Commission (EC) has launched a public consultation on future of CAP with the alleged reason to modernise and simplify the EU’s most expensive and – according to many – dubious policy on agriculture.

We are inviting you to check the information about CAP spending and its consequences for small-scale farmers, labor forces, diffuse pollution and biodiversity here: http://bit.ly/CAP_spending and to take action by joining the public consultation. In order to facilitate your participation, we suggest you use the recommended responses to the five most important questions about the future of CAP that are available on the website of the Living Land campaign that to unite organisations and concerned citizens to call on decision-makers to fundamentally rethink our agricultural policies:  https://www.living-land.org/actnow/.