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27 April 2017

We asked members of the EP

“What is your favorite gift from nature?” is the question of our online contest for the Members of the European Parliament. Namely, we selected 12 ecosystem services: nutrition (tasting nature), clean air (Take a Deep Breath), clean water (Thirst for Life), medicine (The Healing Power), raw materials (In a Raw), recreation opportunities (Moving Forward), pest and disease control (On a Patrol), pollination and seed dispersal (No Bees? No Food, No Humans), flood and storm protection (To Serve and to Protect), climate regulation (Keeps it Cool), pollution and toxic substances control (Detox for our Planet) and opportunities for spiritual interactions (The Sixth Dimension) and we asked MEPs to choose their 3 favorite ones.

Think about it – every day, nature provides us with gifts that are beneficial for society and the economy. Perhaps, sometimes we take them for granted, don’t we? However, every single one of these gifts – ecosystem services – is crucial for our existence and provides us with value that we actually can put a price tag on.

With this contest, we aim to raise awareness among the Members of the European Parliament about the importance of ecosystem services. The results of the contest will be published in late May.