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21 June 2017

We demand the 6th scenario for the EU

Together with more than 250 non-governmental organizations from various sectors under the umbrella of SDG Watch Europe, we ask for the alternative vision of Europe that is sustainable, fair and social.

Why the 6th scenario? Because we believe that five scenarios for the future of Europe presented by the President of the European Commission are not adequately addressing the social, environmental and financial challenges the EU faces today.

We are asking for the way forward that would ensure that sustainability sits firmly at the heart of the European project. The EU27 has to prioritize the interests of citizens, both in the EU and beyond, while having a strong focus on Europe’s core social values – democracy and participation, social justice, solidarity and sustainability, respect for the rule of law and human rights, both within Europe and around the globe.

As it is our opinion that the EU budget should reflect European values and priorities, we strongly believe that debates on future of Europe and especially on the shape of the next EU budget cannot happen without European citizens being a part of it and having their voice heard. The EU is committed to achieving sustainability and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and the next EU budget has to reflect those objectives. We demand policy coherence that would prevent trade-offs and wasting money of European taxpayers on contradictory objectives and together with SDG Watch Europe.

Next week the European Commission will release a proposal about the future of the EU’s finances beyond 2020, so now it is time to act. In order to ensure coherence in the future internal and external EU spending, together with SDG Watch Europe we are proposing 8 sustainability principles for forming the EU budget.

“Europeans need a positive vision for the future of Europe, one which is able to mobilise for saving the European project. People need to unite behind the 6th scenario and also push for a reformed EU budget, to support this.” – says Klára Hajdu, Senior Policy Officer at CEEweb.

Follow us on Twitter @CEEwebEurope – together with our partner organizations, next week we are launching a online platform where you can express your opinions, share your stories and visions for your Europe.