3 July 2017


It is with great pleasure that we are announcing that Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia, an affiliate of Bird Life and European Wilderness Society joined forces with other organisations from Central and Eastern Europe with common visions and missions by becoming new members of CEEweb for Biodiversity.

The primary activities of Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia are improving the status of every bird species and enlarging possibilities of its survival (bird protection), research about retention of birds in various locations, their number, particularly in the nesting period, studies about their geographical distribution, habits, nesting biology, dynamics of migrations, nutrition and other aspects (bird study), maintaining a constant communication with the public, and teaching, publishing and distribution of promotional materials (public education).

European Wilderness Society is the only Pan-European, wilderness and environmental advocacy non-profit organization with a team of wilderness and wildlife specialists, nature conservationists, researchers and scientists, tourism experts, marketing and business professionals, legal advisers and wilderness advocates. The organisation’s mission is to identify, designate, manage and promote European wild rivers, old growth forests and Wilderness. The team is also dedicated to the education of the next generation of Europeans on Wilderness. European Wilderness Society has its main office in Austria and offices in Belgium, Ukraine, Slovakia, Italy and Spain.