2 August 2017


Earth Overshoot Day lands today. As a planet, we have been sapping the Earth’s annual stock of resources since the start of the year. Today is the day that we have finally exceeded the budget that we have been offered, six days earlier than last year. This date is known as Earth Overshoot Day, and marks the transition from being in the green, to the red. From fossil fuels and fish stocks to timber and zinc, these finite resources are being used at an unsustainable rate. To fulfill our needs, we are currently using three planets worth of resources each year. Needless to say, we only have one to share around.

This has negative impacts on the planet, not just by leaving less for future generations, but by polluting our planet, advancing climate change and reducing biodiversity. Within Hungary these changes are already becoming evident, with annual temperatures increasing and more frequent droughts.

Here at CEEweb for Biodiversity we are proud to say that we have once again partnered with the sustainability think-tank Global Footprint Network in the #movethedate campaign, aiming to shift Earth Overshoot Day further into the year. Through social media and personal interaction we have been encouraging people to do their bit, by making a simple pledge of how they will live more sustainably. We have collected a diverse range of pledges such as to take a shower and not a bath, to start commuting on foot/take a bus or even to save money to purchase an electric car.

We believe that small changes are as beneficial as big ones, and can accumulate to a visible improvement on the environment. Earth Overshoot Day in Hungary will be on September 22 2017.

You can read our related press release here.