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21 December 2017

The future of the LIFE programme

CEEweb, together with fifteen other organisations in the European Habitats Forum, has collaborated to produce a joint position on the role of the LIFE program in the next EU Multi-annual Financial Framework. LIFE is a particularly relevant fund for CEE countries, as it has proven its importance and success in restoring habitats and bringing back species from being endangered. It fosters trans-boundary nature protection and bottom-up partnerships that would otherwise be unlikely to occur. Money is spent efficiently and returns around four times the investment in economic growth alone, but it is still not enough to cover all the needs of effective nature conservation.

Therefore, we call for an increase of the overall budget of LIFE to 1% of the EU budget, up from the current 0.3%, and an increase of the share for the nature and biodiversity sub-program to half of the total. We further propose that co-financing should be increased to 75% or even 90% in exceptional circumstances, in order to make it easier for small applicants to succeed.
You can read the final position here.