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12 October 2018

20,000 leagues of sea

Iroise Sea right off the coast of Brittany, Northern France (Credit: www.parc-marin-iroise.com)

Meet the Iroise Marine Nature Park, the first marine protected area in France and a Natura 2000 site which combines the preservation of both nature and cultural heritage.

Ready the diving suits and the waterproof cameras (if available, that is). Created in 2007 off the coast of Finistère, in Brittany, France, the Iroise Marine Nature Park welcomes any visitor to showcase its natural and cultural values along its 343,000 hectares of protected ocean area. Yes, it is true: the 20,000 leagues of sea title mention was an excessive creative license of length, but the site is well worth the exaggeration: outstanding natural resources, host to traditional fishing activities and majestic offshore lighthouses are only some of its traits.

A Natura 2000 site and, thus, a potential location to take some pictures and participate to the “Go Wild! Stay Cultured” Photo Contest, the Iroise Marine Nature Park is home to a vibrant biodiversity consisting of dozens of species of algae, marine mammals, birds and several other species, some of which are protected under EU law. Thus, take the opportunity to visit the Iroise, marvel yourself with it and, even more, marvel others with your pictures of this (or any other) Natura 2000 site by participating in the “Go Wild! Stay Cultured” Photo Contest.

The deadline is November 18, 2018.