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29 June 2018

Vacation Recipe: in progress

Why we are so obsessed with taking pictures while we travel with our families? There are probably many different reasons, but our guess is that one of the most common ones is the human desire to capture and treasure a moment of happiness. Nature and culture are both known for boosting our lust for life and in Europe, we’re lucky to have plenty of such places, making our continent a gold mine for travel enthusiasts searching for an oasis of peace and photography inspiration. This summer, what about going the southern Italian city of Matera, where you can visit and even sleep in caves formed by white calcareous rocks? Or travelling to Ireland and making a stop in the Burren National Park, shaped by ancient geological forces and now rich in flora and fauna?  And the best part is that you don’t even have to go far away to enjoy such places, as you can find the next Natura 2000 or UNESCO’s World Heritage site very close to wherever you are in Europe. Keep it in mind when planning this summer’s vacation and stay tuned for more interesting tips for your trip!   Follow us here and on Facebook – we’re preparing ingredients for a new CEEweb “dish” – you just might like the recipe and decide to join the cooking!   adult-adventure-baby-532508