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9 July 2018

Experience nature and culture

Finally, the moment has arrived… No more counting the days until that last exam and dreaming of the sun on your skin while studying in a dark library. After all that coffee to keep you awake, the exam fever and the efforts, it’s time for you to turn off the computer and go out to experience nature and culture first-hand. Have you known about Plitvice National Park in Croatia, with gorgeous lakes and impressive waterfalls for a full-immersion in refreshing waters and in ancient history? Or if you want to combine a summer at the seaside with wildlife spotting, try out the Iroise Marine Park in the north of France. It is a refuge area for marine protected species that you will find in a set made of dunes, cliffs, islands and majestic lighthouses. Follow us here and on Facebook for more travel tips! afterglow-backlit-beach-1000443