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28 February 2012

Possibilities of land management integration into relevant EU policies

CEEweb for Biodiversity’s event, ‘Possibilities of land management integration into the Green Infrastructure Strategy and the 7th EAP – the Visegrad experience‘ took place on 27 March 2012, Brussels, at the Balassi Institute (1000 Brussels, Treurenberg 10.).

Green Infrastructure, land use and the assessment of ecosystem services are high on the biodiversity agenda now acknowledging the fact that unsustainable land- use practices are one of the number one causes for habitat fragmentation and destruction. The Visegrad Countries’ project titled as ‘Conservation of Natural Heritage of Visegrad Countries Through Saving Biodiversity In The Landscape’ aimed to focus on these issues and assessed the national green infrastructure elements in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Our main objective was to provide information on the recent status of these elements and to offer recommendations for the development of Green Infrastructure and other relevant policies at national and EU level.

With the conference, our purpose was to introduce the outcomes of our Visegrad experience with its relevancy for the Green Infrastructure Strategy and the 7th EAP, to give up-to-date information on related strategies and policies, and to bound and discuss these topics under the egis of sustainable land use and land management.

The event brought together public officers, policy makers, non- governmental organizations, players from the academic world and Visegrad countries’ representatives – active in the field of land use – to share and discuss experience and inspire new ways of thinking for a more sustainable land management in light of various EU initiatives. Find the invitation and the Agenda here.

We also like to kindly draw your attention to the ‘Mirror to the world’ exhibition, which can be visited at the Balassi institute in Brussels until 23rd April and largely reflects on our actual topic and further questions on sustainability, and where we are all invited to take part within the frame of the opening celebration.

To find out more about the project visit also the website of the project.

This event was supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the Balassi Institute.

Photo source: freedigitalphotos.net