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5 August 2016

3 more days till Earth Overshot Day

In three days, humanity will use up all the planet’s natural resources for this year.

The Earth Overshoot Day is the date when we have exhausted nature’s annual budget. This year it lands on Monday August 8th, even earlier than the last year. After that date, we will live in the red, having already spent the resources the Earth had for us this year.  This happens because we emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than our oceans and forests can absorb, and we deplete fisheries and harvest forests more quickly than they can reproduce and re-grow.

Taking more from the nature than what it can provide us with has negative effects. For example, we are experiencing more frequent heat waves here in Hungary and the whole world has less safe drinking water or fish to eat.

For that reason, CEEweb for Biodiversity has partnered with the sustainability think-thank Global Footprint Network in the #pledgefortheplanet campaign. We are inviting individuals and organizations to make a simple pledge such as to host a vegetarian dinner party, reduce paper waste or work from the home office. That way, we are expressing our commitment to lower the overall carbon footprint. We believe that each one of us can make small changes in everyday lives that will generate positive results on a global level.

You can see the examples of our pledges here or here.

CEEweb for Biodiversity, a network of non-governmental organizations in the Central and Eastern European region working for 20 years in 20 countries, actively promotes a reduction of energy use and advocates change of the EU laws regarding this matter. Together with our partners, we initiated a Resource Cap Coalition and produced a policy proposal to reduce the use of energy in Europe and the overall ecological footprint.

Social fairness is one of the key elements of the proposed European Energy Budget Scheme. Lower usage of resources has to be followed by reduction of poverty and by strengthening of green economy.

CEEweb also organises the Green-Go Short Film Contest aimed to the short films that raise awareness about specific problem or show a solution.  We want to inspire environmentally and socially conscious individuals to act for the environment.