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The Annual Meeting is the highest decision-making organ of the organization, while the Board is the decision-making body in the interim periods. In addition to deciding on issues that arise between the Annual Meetings, the Board is entitled to form opinion, publish and represent it as a common standpoint on behalf of CEEweb if it pursues the aims of the organisation. The President, Vice-president and the members of the Board are elected by the Annual Meeting. The President has the right for representing the organisation, coordinates the work of the Board and is responsible for preparing the strategic decisions concerning CEEweb activities. The Board holds meetings at least twice a year, or more times if necessary.


Mr Ákos Malatinszky (Godollo University – Hungary)


John Nathaniel Micklem Page  (ADEPT Foundation – Romania)


Mr Stefan Avramov (Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation – Bulgaria)

Mr Demeter Zoltán (Green Action – Hungary)

Ms Silvia Lotman (Estonian Fund for Nature – Estonia)

Mr Michael Meyer (Ecological Tourism in Europe – Germany)

Mr Pawel Pawlaczyk (Naturalists Club – Poland)

Mr Emil Vaklinov (Rhodope Mountains without Borders – Bulgaria)

Ms Lubomira Vavrova (Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development – Slovakia)