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Csaba Mezei

General Secretary

csaba_2With a background in education I spent my entire professional career in the green non-profit sector. Throughout that 17 years my positions varied from activism to executive assignments. In 2001 I was part of the founders’ team of Greenpeace in Hungary. Until 2009 I was involved in many environmental campaigns (e.g.: GMO-free Hungary, Zengő, Rába campaign, Energy (r)evolution, etc.) as contributor, manager and leader. In 2006 I became the country office director of the organisation. 

Between 2009 and 2018 I worked at the Regional Environmental Center (REC) as a project manager and expert being responsible for EU funded research and development projects on various topics such as environmental information, smart cities and mobility. Besides I learnt a lot about fundraising and business development in the European research area. 

In my new position as general secretary of CEEweb I look for new challenges, learning opportunities and the chance to further work on making a better world through protecting the environment and contribution to a more sustainable ecosystem.
mezei [at] ceeweb [dot] org


Klára Hajdu

Senior Policy Officer

IMG_8912_sm_2With the professional background of being a biologist I joined CEEweb in 2000 still as an intern. I started to work on global and regional biodiversity policies, and later shifted focus to EU policy development and implementation. I was also intensely involved in the proactive policy forming of CEEweb in relation to biodiversity and sustainability, as my primary interest lies in finding holistic and effective responses to seemingly unrelated problems.

Currently I focus on sustainability issues related to resource use and the EU budget. This includes policy and campaigning work on EU level with the main aim to sustainability proof the future EU budget, which can help the European transition towards sustainability and reviving the European project for the benefif of the people and the planet.

hajdu [at] ceeweb [dot] org


Monika Kotulak

Biodiversity and Water Policy Officer

2015_07_PuBia (1)I graduated as a biologist from Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. Then I followed my education during various courses where most important was Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme for Future Leaders in Nature Conservation organized by International Academy for Nature Conservation in Germany. I worked and volunteered in several environmental NGOs in Poland and abroad and did internship at Institute for European Environmental Policy in London.

I worked with CEEweb since 2008 as a focal point for Poland, in 2016 I joined the office team in Budapest as a policy officer. I am also responsible for the internship program.

My field if interest is biodiversity policy, conservation biology, management and social aspects of nature conservation. I deal with improving law implementation, especially focusing on Natura 2000 and the Water Framework Directive. I also worked from another angle of improving the environment which is nature education for children and adults.

kotulak [at] ceeweb [dot] org


Gabriella Nagy

Project Coordinator

I graduated in Landscape Architecture in 2001. For 10 years after that I ran my own private firm on small and medium scale Greenfield designing. In 2010 I graduated in Environmental Protection, and then did a specialization in Forest Pedagogy (2012).
Afterwards, I got a scholarship to pursue PhD studies at University of West-Hungary, in the Doctoral Program of Forest Value Assessment. My PhD thesis focused on development of community spaces in forests and their impact on quality of life. The aim was to examine and develop tools, which can be used in the decision-making process of the complex strategic development of green fields. At the end of my doctoral studies I taught for four years university courses on environmental economics, landscape design and rural development.



Thor Morante Brigneti

Project and Communication Coordinator

I hold an MSc in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management from Lund University (Sweden) and a BA in Literature from the National University of San Marcos (Peru), and I have been working in the communications, project management and international cooperation fields for the past 10 years. I started my career as a politics and environmental journalist in Peru, reporting on issues ranging from rural sustainable development in the Andes to the depredation of the Amazon due to illegal gold mining. In Central and Eastern Europe, I have worked managing a knowledge-sharing platform on Low Emission Development Strategies, as well as having been occupied on policy research on multilevel governance models and on communications tasks for the implementation of a diversity of projects.

Now, at CEEweb for Biodiversity, I am coordinating the INSiGHTS project and the communications activities of the organization.

tmorante [at] ceeweb [dot] org


Linda Szabó

Creative and Communication Assistant

I followed film and media studies at the University of Pécs and also studied photography and graphic design. I gathered experience as project coordinator, filmmaker, graphic designer, photographer at different non profit and for profit organisations after my graduation.

I have been working with CEEweb since 2016 as a creative assistant, where I develop communication materials, including videos, brochures and publications to raise awareness about the importance and beauty of nature.

I’m grateful for every moments spent in nature and if I can help to take care of it via my work.

szabo[at] ceeweb [dot] org


Vivien Vati

Project and Communication Assistant, Internship coordinator


Officially I graduated as an architect. After my studies I got work experiences in small communities and NGO’s mostly in the field of sustainability. I delt with renovating old buildings, teaching solutions for sustainable architecture and ecological farming. Next to it I have high interest in environmental sciences, saving natural resources and raising interest in eco-conciousness. At my position by CEEweb I am working a project to find solutions for slow, green and healthy strategies, which could make the regions more attractive but also protect the natural and cultural resources.

vati [at] ceeweb [dot] org



Gábor Szilágyi

Financial Manager

szilagyiGabor10-12-07_9415_pc_f-neubauerI graduated as a economist at University of Economic in Budapest. Then I followed my education during various course one of them certificated accountant. I worked for profit-oriented and non profit-oriented companies and foundation as well (Hungarian Telecommunication Company Ltd., Hungarian Radio Plc. etc.).

I deal with financial tasks at CEEweb at association and different projects level as well.

finance [at] ceeweb [dot] org



Viktória Selmeczy

Office Manager

Viki képI graduated at the University of Pécs on HR studies in 2009. In the past 9 years I have been working in different supportive and administrative roles in all kinds of  companies – bigger, smaller, local and multinational.

In my private life and in my work I am committed to sustainability and I spend most of my time on environmental protection.  I am tirelessly developing my household to become a zero-waste home, also my workplace to become an eco-friendly office. Even though I achieved smaller and bigger successes in creating green offices around me, I was always fascinated and enthusiast about nature and wished to work and put my energies for it.

As an office manager at CEEweb finally I’m happy that I can do even more for environmental protection.

I believe, that sustainable living is a kind of high level “richness”. When someone can afford to not only think about itself, but to take care of underprivileged people, the environment and the planet too, that is the real richness.

office[at] ceeweb [dot] org


Veronika Kiss

Senior Policy Officer – on maternity leave

I graduated as a biologist in 2006, as a technical translator in 2007 from the Eötvös Loránd University and as an Environmental Economist in 2013 at the Budapest Corvinus University in Budapest.

I worked for a year for the Hungarian Natural History Museum, I participated in an EU project called EDIT (European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy). I also took part in analyzing the presence of some elements of sustainable development in the Hungarian plans and programs under the auspices of the National Conservationists.

At CEEweb I deal with policies related to resource and energy efficiency as well as sustainable development both at EU and global levels and lobbying for proper policies within these contexts, coordinating the work of the Resource Cap Coalition lobbies for a resource use cap with a view to ensuring social justice and staying within the Earth’s carrying capacity. Furthermore, I am responsible for delivering national and international projects related to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) policies and related to Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy (PEBLDS), the implementation arm of CBD, including project design and implementation. Besides, I am responsible for coordinating the CEEweb network, through activating its member organizations, improving the network internal and external communication, developing the network’s capacities through general skill trainings as well as professional workshops.

kiss [at] ceeweb [dot] org


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