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Ecological footprint

green foot printAt CEEweb we don’t just talk about sustainability. Please read on to find out how we strive to minimise our ecological footprint.

We implement the three R principle: firstly we aim to reduce our waste, we reuse items and finally we recycle what cannot be reused. We recycle all paper, metals and plastic as well as composting our organic waste. We use recycled paper and strive to reduce the amount of paper we use in the first place. We have a green procurement policy that helps us ensure our procurement practices reflect our environmental sustainability priorities.

Travel is an unavoidable part of our work while doing political advocacy and lobby work at the European level. While it is crucial that the voice of Central and Eastern European NGOs is heard in Brussels, we nevertheless try to minimise our transportation carbon footprint by promoting alternatives to travel and using the more environmentally friendly means of transport.

As our office is located in the Buda Hills, we bring home-made lunch or cook at the office. When shopping for CEEweb and ordering catering for our events, we select organic, fair trade and bio products.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products (e.g. washing nuts) in our office in order to reduce the quantity of hazardous substances in wastewater.

We reduce our energy usage with energy saving bulbs and an automatic heat controller. We took part in the “Energy communities” contest to race for cutting energy and water usage and receive this diploma.

Learn how to reduce YOUR ecological footprint!