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19 July 2013

CEEweb Rural Development Working Group Meeting in Budapest

On the 4th and 5th of July, CEEweb and ADEPT Foundation organised a kick-off meeting in Budapest on ‘Gathering data and creating policy recommendations for a more biodiversity-friendly CAP and RDP’. Participants provided valuable input on the strengths and weaknesses of the 2007-2013 RDPs from Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Czech Republic. In addition, attendees were briefed by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) representative on the latest news on CAP reform process from Brussels. The representative from Brodsko Ekološko Društvo (BED) in Croatia provided information on the progress on RDP and Agri-Environment Schemes (AES) formulation in the newest European Member State.

It was agreed that to a large extent, the recently adopted political agreement on the new CAP does not stand up to the anticipated greening measures that were foreseen when the reform process was announced. The participants consented that the most effective and efficient way to continue work on greening the European agricultural system is to lobby for inclusion of biodiversity-friendly measures in the upcoming RDPs for 2014-2020. They also committed to initiating a study that will highlight the shortcomings of the previous RDPs and provide concise and supportive recommendations to policy makers in order to proactively assist them in drafting the final version of the NRDPs. The first draft of the study will be presented and made available for comments during the next Rural Development Working Group meeting on 7-10 October at CEEweb’s Annual Meeting. The final version of the study will be presented during a high-level conference organized by CEEweb, ADEPT and EEB in Brussels late October. CEEweb welcomes input from its members and is ready to answer further questions on the topic – feel free to contact Nat Page or Eduard Nedelciu. Please find below a detailed report of the meeting and the materials kindly provided by participants.

Report of the RDWG meeting in Budapest, 4-5 July 2013 (pdf)

Agri-environment schemes and RDP in Lithuania (pdf)

Agri-environment schemes and RDP in Latvia (pdf)

Agri-environment schemes and RDP in Hungary (pdf)

The future CAP – dillution of Greening and remaining opportunities EEB (pdf)

Outcomes of the EU Commission’s Working Group on Agriculture and Biodiversity 26 June 2013 (pdf)

CEEweb’s Rural Development WG workplan for 2013 (pdf)

Programming framework of 2014-2020 EU funds (pdf)

The partnership principle in the implementation of CSF funds (pdf)

This event was generously financed by the European Commission