BusinessAll over the world environmentally and socially responsible businesses focus on sustainability. But Green Infrastructure does not merely benefit nature. Numerous studies prove that green areas increase workers’ efficiency, health, fitness, general well-being and job satisfaction at the same time benefitting the employer. Green is a great “brand” to boost your business’s image, a fact widely recognised by numerous corporations such as Google who invest in Green Infrastructure. Above all, green solutions help cut costs – 1 healthy tree can have the effect of 10 air-conditioners while green roofs reduce the costs of heating and cooling office buildings by up to 10%.

Please visit CEEweb’s green Infrastructure Knowledge Hub to read more case studies and this webpage to find out about the funding possibilities.

CEEweb offers:

  • photo-iso-14001-funding-for-businesses-in-the-south-east-425x282advice on receiving EU funding for building Green Infrastructure
  • counselling on complying with EU sustainability and environmental regulations
    environmental policy knowledge
  • environmental legislation expertise
  • greening strategies for companies


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