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roy-rainford-sign-lake-district-national-park-cumbria-england-united-kingdomThe effective integration and implementation of Green Infrastructure will contribute to conserving nature. The concept of multiple benefits can ensure that Green Infrastructure is embraced by all stakeholders and ecosystem services are acknowledged as much as any other services. Integration of Green Infrastructure into other policies and spatial planning will increase the available financial support and improve implementation. The success of biodiversity conservation depends to a large extent on how we address other stakeholders such as businesses, local authorities and farmers and work with them to effectively acknowledge the services that nature provides us.

Please visit CEEweb’s Green Infrastructure Knowledge Hub to read more case studies and visit this webpage to find out how to finance your Green Infrastructure project.

GI HubphotoWhat CEEweb offers:

  • Author brochures, publications and report
  • Counselling on how to receive EU funding for Green Infrastructure/Conservation projects
  • Providing experience exchange platforms, matching with project partners and networking opportunities
  • Trainings on Green Infrastructure implementation and financing
  • Application writing


green_infrastructure_cover-150x2134highlights_coverFor more publications please visit our website.