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Local government

City Hall Building EntranceLocal governments are key actors in local spatial planning, green spaces development and management. Using Green Infrastructure can largely improve social aspects, such as health, leisure and community life, provide jobs and increase revenues for local businesses and authorities. Property prices increase by 5-7% if they overlook a garden or park. Moreover, Green Infrastructure mitigates heat waves, reduces water run-off, prevents floods, and reduces climate change effects. Investing in Green Infrastructure (for which generous financial support exists at both EU and national level) is a win-win solution and can largely support your re-election – everybody loves green!

You can read more examples of what benefits Green Infrastructure delivers on CEEweb’s Green Infrastructure Knowledge Hub.

Visit this webpage for more information on how to finance Green Infrastructure projects in your municipality.

What CEEweb offers:

  • GI Hubphototrainings on Green Infrastructure funding and implementation
  • environmental policy knowledge and counseling
  • environmental legislation expertise
  • stakeholder involvement expertise
    • reconciliation
    • conflict resolution,
    • photo-iso-14001-funding-for-businesses-in-the-south-east-425x282negotiation
  • landscape planning, design and architecture
  • knowledge of GI financing opportunities
  • application writing
  • project coordination and management
  • assessing the potential of a given area for GI deployment


GI training manualgreen_infrastructure_cover-150x213Good Practices in Sustainbale Tourism - cover pageFor more publications please visit our website.