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EU Biodiversity Strategy

In order to respond to the challenge of biodiversity crisis and to meet global and EU commitments, in May 2011 the European Commission released its new Biodiversity Strategy titled as ‘Our life insurance, our natural capital: an EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020’ as a follow-up on the previous ’2006 Biodiversity Action Plan’. The latter included a long list of recommended measures meant to achieve its main goal of stopping the loss of EU biodiversity by 2010. Unfortunately, that time the EU had failed to achieve this goal. Now the new Strategy has put forward six targets: to better implement the EU nature directives, to establish EU green infrastructure and restore a significant area of degraded ecosystems, to mainstrean biodiversity conservation in regulation and practice of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, to combat invasive alien species and to, going beyond the EU level, address the global biodiversity loss.

Read CEEweb’s press release about the new Strategy.

Biodiversity fact sheets

The effective implementation of the new Strategy will largely depend on a variety of sectoral EU policy reforms, such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, transportation, spatial planning and resource efficiency. In order to achieve higher awareness of stakeholders on their role in achieving biodiversity commitments, CEEweb has prepared fact sheets explaining the implications of the Biodiversity Strategy to actors of local authorities, agriculture, forestry, economy and business.

Biodiversity Strategy for local authorities  in EN  in RO in PL in BG
Biodiversity Strategy for agriculture  in EN  in RO in PL in BG
Biodiversity Strategy for forestry  in EN  in RO in PL in BG

Land use, Resource use and Climate change fact sheets

In order to meet the targets of the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy, holistic approaches have to be taken into account. Therefore, more emphasis should be put on addressing the emerging land use and resource use challenges. To draw attention to this problem, CEEweb is preparing fact sheets related to land use and green infrastructure, as well as related to resource use.

Land Use and Green Infrastructure in EN
Resource Use in EN
Adaptation to climate change in EN
The role of agriculture and forestry in climate change mitigation in EN