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7 December 2018

European leaders must act on sustainable development

In advance of the planned European Council summit in December (14th & 15thSDG Watch Europe  has issued an open letter to EU Leaders highlighting the urgent need for them to focus on the Union’s future by adopting a strong political vision and showing global leadership on sustainable development. Civil society organisations see very real political risks linked to the current, almost exclusive, focus of EU leaders on the management of Brexit and associated political issues and ingoring other challenges linked to sustainable development.

Klara Hajdu from CEEweb, who is also a member of the Steering Group of SDG Watch Europe said: “The key findings of the recently published IPCC report on climate change again remind us that humanity has moved beyond planetary boundaries. Climate change, but also and the destruction of ecosystems pose serious risk to the survival of humanity. We now have a window of opportunity over the next decade to radically change how our economy and society works, or we will need to face ever more devastating consequences of not acting in time. We must restore the planet’s ability to provide us with a stable climate and other essential services like pollinating crops, protection from floods, producing nutritious food or controlling pests and diseases,.  This all underpins the implementation of the whole 2030 Agenda.

Please also see the press release and the letter to European leaders