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Sharing experiences on small scale farming between Visegrad countries and Serbia

3 February 2015 at 09:00 - 4 February 2015 at 19:00

In Szeged, the first event of our project focusing on small scale farming, “Empower the powerless” took place on 3-4 February with more than 40 participants from Serbia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland from agricultural and conservation sectors. Visegrad countries aimed to provide information to Serbian participants how to get prepared for EU accession, what challenges they will face and how they can overcome it.

CEEweb together with its partners from Serbia, namely Young Researchers of Serbia and Eko-Centar, as well as its partners from the Visegrad countries, Juniperia, Daphne – Institute of Applied Ecology and Naturalists Club Poland has launched a project on experience sharing and capacity building about small-scale farming. The general objective of the project is to place small family farms at the centre of food security, local economy and environmental protection in rural Emerald communities in Serbia. The project will thus contribute to social, economic and environmental objectives at the same time.

Read the Event report

Press release on the event

Evaluation report

See the presentations here:

Small scale farming in Serbia and its benefits for the society and nature conservation – Jeoren Arends, SEEDEV

The present and possible future of small scale farming in Serbia – trends, opportunities and cooperation – Nenad Budimovic, Head of Agricultural sector form Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Serbian)

 Organic farming in Serbia – current situation and perspectives, Slavica Stevanetic, adviser in Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Serbian)

National regulation on agriculture and nature conservation in Serbia with special focus on the Emerald network and protected areas – Klara Szabados, Provincial institute for nature conservation

 An introduction to the EU’s Common Agriculture Policy and small scale farming in the EU – Agnes Zolyomi and Claudiu Eduard Nedelciu, CEEweb for Biodiversity

Green elements of the EU’s Common Agriculture Policy and their special impact on small scale farming – Nat Page, CEEweb for Biodiversity/Fundatia ADEPT 

The EU’s legislation on organic farming – Agnes Zolyomi and Claudiu Eduard Nedelciu, CEEweb for Biodiversity

The EU’s Natura 2000 network’s benefits and opportunities for agriculture in the Visegrad countries – Małgorzata Siuta, CEEweb for Biodiversity

Showing the results and potentials of the agri-environmental schemes in Slovakia through some cases – Eva Viestova, Daphne, Slovakian Institute of Applied Ecology

Showing cooperation between farmers and nature conservationists through a Czech example – Martin Strelec, Junperia, the Czech Republic

Landscape and biodiversity as farming products: some Polish examples and experiences with agri-environmental schemes, theory and practice – Pawel Pawlaczyk, Naturalists Club Poland

Hungarian cases on benefitting farmers and nature with Agri-environmental measures – Gergő Halmos, BirdLife Hungary

 Opportunities and limitations for small scale farmers in Hungary – Zsófia Benedek, Hungarian National Academy of Sciences

 Direct marketing by trademark development, distributors and local markets – Péter Kajner, Alliance for the Living Tisza

Local food products from Nature Protected Areas in Poland – Pawel Pawlaczyk, Naturalist Club Poland

Economic opportunities and community development in regard of fruit orchards of the CEE region – Katalin Hudák, Ecologic Institute

Opportunities and tools to increase competitiveness of Slovakian small scale farmers – Eva Viestova, Daphne, Slovakian Institute of Applied Ecology

Evaluation of the event

Evaluation form (pdf)

Evaluation summary(pdf)


The project is generously funded by the International Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. The donors are not responsible for the views expressed on this project website or any materials produced in the project.

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3 February 2015 am28 09:00
4 February 2015 pm28 19:00


Alfa Hotel Szeged
Teréz u. 30, Szeged, 6724 Hungary