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Free Voters, Freie Wähler


Candidate: Ulrike Müller

Party: The Free Voters (Freie Wähler)

Website: https://www.freiewaehler.eu/


Regulation of new pollutants

We Free Voters support the fast and large-scale expansion of modern wastewater treatment plants. With the state-of-the-art technology sewage plants can filter pollutants like pesticides, hormone-disrupting substances and even microplastics. To reach this goal we would like to set up a European funding program. Furthermore, the dissemination of pollutants must be strictly regulated.

Sustainable agriculture

The Free Voters, while recognizing the added value provided by European agriculture, supports the development of a new sustainable, efficient and productive model of agriculture combining ambitious economic and environmental objectives for the benefit of farmers, consumers, rural communities and the environment. We support a Common Agricultural Policy that is fair to all farmers. However, we are aware of the fact that natural conditions, costs of production and general living standards are not the same everywhere in Europe. And this must be taken into account in the redistribution of support. We therefore consider that an EU flat-rate payment system would not fully reflect EU agricultural diversity.

We are in favour of a Common Agricultural Policy that promotes a variety of agricultural models and supports a gradual transition towards farming methods that minimize the use of plant protection products and replace them with environmentally friendlier alternatives, ensure high animal welfare standards and increase traceability, ensure sanitary and phytosanitary standards, preserve and restore biodiversity and tackle food waste.

Fossil fuel subsidies

European policies undertaken for many years to tackle climate change are among the most ambitious in the world: the European objectives of the 3X20 (-20% of CO2 emissions, +20% of renewable energy production, -20% of energy consumption, all by 2020). While the United States has turned its back on the Paris agreements of 2015, Europe must take the initiative again.

The Free voters are strongly in favor of a decentralized European energy revolution instead of supporting fossil fuel (e.g. coal) and atom energy.

Environmental civil society organizations in our region

NGOs play an important role in raising awareness of environmental questions. The budge of over 3 Billion Euros are widespread all over Europe. By raising the financing rate up to 100% we would have to lower the quantity of projects currently running. Concerning the 2021-2027 Budget we will keep in mind, that there are few alternative/additional funding mechanisms in the Central and Eastern Europe region. By strengthening the cooperative part between different NGOs in different countries one could open up additional environment-related funding. The EP should encourage and host networking events for NGOs all over Europe.

The party’s main sustainability message

Make your voice heard. Vote in the European election for parties which support the Paris agreement and engage with your representative after the vote. Keep track of the electoral promises and demand a change if needed.

Piratenpartei Germany

Candidate: Mr Patrick Breyer

Number: 1

Party: Piratenpartei Germany

European Party Family: European Pirate Party

Website: https://www.patrick-breyer.de

Regulations of new pollutants

Pirates support the EU's stated goals and principles for the protection of water, air, soil, the natural environment and raw materials in the interest of our health and well-being. We also agree to do so in a sustainable way, taking into account economic, social and regional aspects and acting responsibly towards future generations and animal welfare. We appreciate the progress achieved thanks to EU environmental legislation. Where legal gaps and weaknesses are exploited, society ultimately has to pay for environmental and health damage. We therefore strive for more effective implementation and enforcement of the precautionary, preventive, polluter-pays and tackling problems at their source. Sanctions for violations must be enforced consistently.

Sustainable agriculture

We work for a CAP that recognizes the access of many, the preservation of small units and diversity as a value. The CAP must create justice for the "little ones" because diversity in food production, locally adapted and in the hands of many independent actors ensures quality of life for all. Agricultural subsidies should only be awarded in accordance with sustainability criteria. Dynamic and innovative developments must not fuel the growth or the change of the past again. With regard to digitization in agriculture, the data sovereignty are illuminated centrally. It must not be that agricultural machinery manufacturers, IT companies and banks declare themselves the owners of all data from agriculture and de facto expropriate them.

Fossil fuel subsidies

We strongly oppose the financing of fossil fuel projects , in addition, we need to accelerate fully and rapidly the removal of existing subsidies for this area.

Environmental civil society organizations in our region

[In German]

Die EU-Finanzierung von Umwelt- und Klimaschutzmaßnahmen darf nicht daran scheitern, dass zuständige Organisationen der Zivilgesellschaft in einigen Ländern ihren Finanzierungsanteil nicht darstellen können. Die Finanzierungsraten sollten daher an die Erfordernisse in dem jeweiligen Land angepasst werden.

[In English]

The EU funding of environmental and climate action must not fail because civil society organizations in some countries can not represent their funding share. The funding rates should therefore be adapted to the needs of each country.

The party’s main sustainability message

We interpret the term "sustainability" as an action that leads to good results for all, today and tomorrow, keeps us and our environment healthy, enables everyone to live in freedom and dignity, and creates social justice. Such understood sustainability pervades all policies, especially those that directly affect our lifeworld, such as agriculture and forestry, fisheries, energy and environmental policies.

Social Democrats of Germany


Candidates: Udo Bullman and Katarina Barley

Party: Social Democrats of Germany (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands)

Website: https://www.spd.de/



The party’s main sustainability message

The SPD stands for a sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally-aware Europe. We believe that Europe must be a leader in fighting for the environment and tackling climate change, particularly as some of our international partners are falling behind. Europe must protect biodiversity globally and stop pollution. This requires both close cooperation with our global partners and leading by example. Our vision combines the protection of our planet with the interest of all our citizens; clean air, clean water, clean energy and quality food must be accessible to all.

The following German Parties were also contacted, but by the time of this publication they had not replied to our questionnaire:

  • Alternative for Germany, Die Alternative fur Deutschland, AFD
  • Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union, Unionsparteien, CDU/CSU
  • Free Democrats, Freie Demokratische Partei, FDP
  • Greens, Die Grunen
  • Human Environment Animal Protection, Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz, Tierschutzpartei
  • National Democratic Party of Germany, National Demokratische Partei Deutschlands, NPD
  • The Left, Die Linke