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Go-Wild! 2014 Call



Let’s celebrate European nature and Natura 2000!

Europeans can still be proud of the rich nature of the old continent, let it be the brown bear, the saker falcon, the pasque flower or Pannonic sand steppes with gentle slopes. We enjoy their beauty, use the benefits provided by them, and take the responsibility for their protection for future generations. In the European Union, their protection is ensured through the Habitats Directive (together with the Birds Directive), and its network of Natura 2000 sites. Altogether they protect over 1.000 animals and plant species and over 200 so called “habitat types”. The Green Infrastructure Strategy and sustainable farming also play an important role in maintaining our natural heritage.


To celebrate the European natural heritage, CEEweb for Biodiversity with Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and other partners organize a photo competition in the following two categories:

  1. Landscapes with a wild touch – Take a landscape photo of natural habitats and areas, a sustainably run family farm or a nice urban garden.
  2. Wild Species – Take a picture of wild European animals or plants at their natural habitats.

Show us the beauty of European protected areas, give a screenshot on environmental-friendly farms and rural areas and show how nature can thrive in urban or artificial environment.


First places in the two categories:

  • 100 EUR and a dedicated CEEweb gift package OR
  • Two days in the breath-taking Bulgarian Western Rhodope (protected in the Natura 2000 sites Trigrad-Mursalitza and Rodopi-Zapadni) with a local photographer guide. Here, you can take pictures of numerous wild species such as Balkan chamois, brown bear, capercaillie, wallcreeper, three-toed woodpecker, mountain Apollo butterfly, orchids, and other special creatures. More information about these Natura 2000 sites and the opportunities for wildlife tourism and photography can be found here – http://www.bbf.biodiversity.org[*]

Special award:

Public award winners of the two categories: Dedicated photo albums

Application requirements

Deadline: 31 October 2014

Submission email address: photocontest@nullceeweb.org

Photos will only be accepted:

  • via email in electronic format (JPG extension) not exceeding the overall size of 10 MB.
  • from one applicant in a maximum number of five photos.
  • with a file name including the author’s name and the title of the picture such as: Firstname_Surname_Title.jpg
  • with the email including:
    • the location (the name of the protected area/ Natura 2000 site) of the photo or
    • the name of the (protected/Natura 2000) species on the photo.
    • if you have, a related story, description or message in maximum 3 sentences (in English).
  • with a JPG file type  (the compression cannot exceed Adobe Photoshop jpeg larger than 8)
  • with a minimum size: 3 megapixels (approx. 2000 x 1500 pixels)
  • Applicants should note that manipulated photos cannot be submitted.

 What does not count as photo manipulation?

  • Image cropping, cutting the disturbing elements, changing the orientation of the image.
  • Full touch image correction. The image’s brightness, contrast or sharpness setting.
  • The colour photo’s transformation to black and white.
  • In case of analogue photos, the correction of the scanning / digitalization errors (scratches, dust, etc.)

Other conditions:

  • You must be the photographer and owner of the copyright for any image entered.
  • The received and selected photos will be uploaded to an online gallery.

In case the applicant does not fulfill these requirements,

the organizers have the right to exclude the applicant from the contest!

Evaluation criteria

The received photos will be evaluated based on:

  • Content
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Strength of environmental and conservation messages
  • Professionalism

In each category according to the category-specific jury consisting of a professional photographer and a conservationist. In each category, the jury will select one first-place award. The public award winner will be based on a public online voting on CEEweb’s website receiving the highest number of votes for two weeks from 3 November 12:00 AM to 17 November 12:00 AM. The winners will be notified by email on 20 November and the name of the winners will be indicated on the website of CEEweb (www.ceeweb.org).

Terms and conditions

The organizers are not responsible for any copyright violating entries. Any breech of copyright lies within the sole responsibility of the applicants. The applicants by submitting their entries automatically accept the terms and conditions also granting the rights for the organizers and their partners to use their entries free of charge on their webpage and free printed or online materials indicating the name of the artists. In these cases, the applicants cannot pursue any charges or demands in relation to the copyright. The organizers and their partners cannot disseminate the photos for profit-gaining reason. The organizers and their partners cannot make any significant changes to the art submitted without the permission of the applicant.

Main organizers:

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Do you want to find out more about Natura 2000 and where you can shoot the best photos? Find more information here. 

Do you want to find out more about Green Infrastructure and how you can benefit from it? Find more information, resources and cases about it here.

Do you also have other projects on Natura 2000 management or Green Infrastructure? Check out our upcoming CEEweb Award to win recognition to your efforts!

The contest is financially supported by the European Commission.


[*]      Please, note that the organizers cover the accommodation and board (three nights) for one person, the guiding and the local transport within the country. The organizers cannot guarantee the view of the all above mentioned species as their occurrences largely depend on the period of the day and the season. Related traveling to and from Bulgaria from international applicant and additional costs (including taxes, insurance and other costs) are the sole responsibility of the applicant. The organizers are not taking any responsibility for personal and material damage or loss.