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14 November 2017

Green-GO winners announcement

The 7th Green-GO International Short Film Contest winners have been announced!

The winners of our 500 EUR worth awards are:

– Build Green Live Green (green infrastructure)

Loud Statement by Pavlo Nesterov from the Czech Republic.

Have you ever thought that we replace calm nature parks with loud roads and massive buildings? Just listen. What do you hear now?
Is it a car engine sound, ambulance sirene, street repair works… And what would you like the sound of your future to be?

– Last Day on Earth? (earth overshoot day)

Nature Calls by Harry Vincent from Australia.

Nature Calls is essentially a film on how I imagine the world would treat “Mother Nature” if she was a real person. Day after day we get closer and closer to extinction of thousands of species of animals, we destroy countless acres of beautiful forests and for what? Profit. Mother Nature has been sending us messages for years and years but thanks to peoples complete ignorance and obliviousness, we have done virtually nothing.

– Your Europe in 2050 (EU Budget)

State of Emergency by Victoria Bilash from Germany.

Europe in the past. Europe now. And Europe in the future. The film shows what happens with the Europe if we will keep to be skeptical about environmental issues.

They were carefully selected by our three judges, Dusty Gedge, Klara Hajdu and Monika Kotulak from more than 160 submissions from this year.

We are very happy to announce that the winner of the popular vote with a 200 EUR prize is:

The Future, by Adegoke Todimu, from Nigeria.

Water is Life. 844 Million people globally lacks a basic drinking water service. Water is a natural resource which people see as unlimited thereby leading to the mismanagement and wastage in its use. This short film dwells on the necessity in water management.

You can read more about Green-GO in our press release here.

We hope for similar successes next year!