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19 November 2013

Green Infrastructure workshop in Zagreb, Croatia

Green Infrastructure (GI) can make a significant contribution to the effective implementation of all policies where some or all of the desired objectives can be achieved in whole or in part through nature-based solutions. ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation, in cooperation with CEEweb for Biodiversity and State Institute for Nature Protection of Croatia, organizes a workshop on “Green Infrastructure: a policy instrument for providing ecological, economic and social benefits through natural solutions – Current situation and existing opportunities for sectors in Croatia” on the 29th of November, in Zagreb, CroatiaThe workshop aims to raise awareness about GI among the relevant stakeholders in Croatia, as the newest EU Member State; it will present the concept supported by a number of case studies from across Europe; present the funding opportunities for potential GI projects; identify the existing key elements of GI in Croatia and identify potential new projects that could protect/ restore the key ecosystems and benefit from the ecosystem services they provide.

The workshop targets the representatives of the Ministry for Environmental and Nature Protection, key sectors (e.g. spatial planning, water management, forestry, agriculture, etc.), scientists, and national environmental NGOs. Also, interested representatives from relevant institutions from the neighbouring countries (Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) are invited to attend so as to facilitate the possibilities for trans-boundary cooperation.

Agenda (pdf)