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29 October 2018

Greening knowledge

CEEweb Academy 2018.

CEEweb Academy 2018 took place on 25-27 September.

CEEweb for Biodiversity held its Academy 2018 dealing with land conservation, Natura 2000 and many other critical topics.

The CEEweb Academy, as part of a joint event in collaboration with Eurosite and EKLIPSE, took place in Budapest on 25-27 September 2018.

Acting as a follow up of CEEweb’s 2018 Annual Meeting, the Academy 2018 served to discuss in-depth the topics of private land conservation, Natura 2000 and adaptive management plans, wetlands and climate change, the value of Ecosystem services, and nature-based solutions in adapting to climate change.

A crash course in risk-based and robust decision making gave an insight to participants on how these forms of decision making can help identify the levels of exposure and vulnerability within a system, the potential impact or losses from change or a hazardous event, and on how to develop adaptation actions. The potential of mapping software for public collaboration in the tracking of changes was also addressed.

Moreover, participants visited one of Hungary’s most beautiful natural sites: the Kiskunság National Park. After it, different funding sources, such as LIFE, ERDF, NCFF, PES, national funding sources, CAP Pillar 2 and water funds, were discussed.

Please find the presentations and some photo snaps below.

  • Presentation by Eszter Kelemen. Download.
    Title: An introduction to EKLIPSE: developing the science-society-policy interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  • Presentation by Monika Kotulak. Download.
    Title: What EU and other stakeholders can do in terms of ecosystem restoration.
  • Presentation by Laura Palomo-Rios. Download.
    Title: EU funding supporting Nature-Based Solution projects in the EU.
  • Presentation by Eef Silver. Download.
    Title: Natural water retention through restoration of the sponge function of drained soils in the Rhine basin.
  • Presentation by Marjolein Sterk. Download.
    Title: Scientific evidence of wetlands’ benefits for nature.
  • Presentation by Klára Hajdu. Download.
    Title: What can the EU and other stakeholders do for ecosystem restoration? (Working group 1).
  • Presentation by Eef Silver. Download.
    Title: Practices of natural water retention measures and Nature-Based Solutions in Natura 2000 and water management at national and regional level (Working group 2).
  • Presentation by Clive Hurford and Henk Zingstra. Download.
    Title: Eurosite Management Planning (Working group 3).
  • Presentation by Paul Leadbitter. Download.
    Title: The use of modelling in land management (Working group 4).
  • Presentation by Sue Stolton. Download.
    Title: An introduction to the concept and development of privately protected areas.
  • Presentation by Mark Burgman. Download.
    Title: Structured judgement and decision making (Working group 6).
  • Presentation bij Kristijan Čivić. Download.
    Title: Summary of workshops.
  • Presentation by Nigel Maxted. Download.
    Title: Mutually beneficial collaboration: bridging the Protected Area / Agrobiodiversity divide?
  • Presentation by Evelyn Underwood. Download.
    Title: Financing Nature-Based Solutions for long-term water management.
  • Presentation by Paul Vertegaal. Download.
    Natural Climate Buffers in the Netherlands.
  • Presentation by CEEweb for Biodiversity. Download.
    Title: Wetland restoration case studies.
  • Presentation by Clive Hurford. Download.
    Title: New technologies for Natura 2000 monitoring.
  • Presentation by Kristijan Čivić. Download.
    Title: Fostering Private Land Conservation in Europe, LIFE – ELCN.