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2019. augusztus 5.

CEEweb Academy 2019

CEEweb Academy 2019

Making cities flourish: Building urban communities through biodiversity initiatives

28-30 October 2019

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The annual CEEweb Academy will hit your brains this year on 28-30 October, focusing on urban biodiversity and citizen engagement! Don’t miss this opportunity to dig in these issues with an array of international speakers and an approach to successful citizen initiatives from the region and participate to it! We will shortly open registrations!

Preliminary Programme

  • Conference
  • Workshop
  • Walkshop
  • CEEweb Annual Meeting


Making cities flourish: Building urban communities through biodiversity initiatives

Urban areas are by their nature lower on biodiversity and natural areas, and as such are usually treated as “problem areas.” However, urban living can help cut down or reverse the loss of natural areas and help reduce transportation distances. In addition, they possess a wealth of still largely untapped resources: people, communities, willingness for cooperation, knowledge and goodwill. There is increasing recognition that instead of seeing cities as problems, urban areas can become part of the solution.

What is people’s perception, knowledge of biodiversity and what are their concerns? What opportunities and difficulties exist for local initiatives in the Central and Eastern European region? What have been successful strategies? How to build a good public engagement strategy? How to communicate complex topics and the many benefits of biodiversity effectively?

The Annual CEEweb Academy will center around urban biodiversity and citizens’ engagement. It will showcase solutions and good examples of complex urban biodiversity projects that get local residents on board. It will offer the opportunity to learn and develop skills for citizens’ effective engagement.

Citizen Science at its best: students from South Minneapolis help monitor water clarity in Minnehaha Creek for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as part of their fifth grade science class. Photo: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0.