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24 August 2017

Hungarians, join us and win a prize!

Together with our member organisation Green Dependent, today we are launching a campaign to make our planet a better place.

Earth Overshoot Day, this year the 2nd of August, is the day when people consume more natural resources than the planet can naturally regenerate in that given year. This means that for the rest of the year, we are borrowing from our future.  The Hungarian Overshoot Day is 22 September in 2017, which is the day when we as a country extract more fish from the rivers,  log more of the forests, or emmit more greenhouse gases,  than what our ecosystems could sustainably produce or assimilate as waste.

Let’s work out ways to improve the situation and push the date back! Every change is influential, from the pledge to walk more to work instead of taking the car, to a large commitment, such as becoming vegetarian or vegan for a month. We therefore ask you to join us today in making the planet a better place, and send us a photo of you realising your pledge to reduce your ecological footprint in some way today!

How can you take part in the contest? Submit your pledge (for examples see our press release) and a photo about the realisation to info@nullkislabnyom.hu now for the chance to win a 5000 HUF green voucher for a Hungarian shop!

Make Hungary a healthier and happier place to live, do your bit!

You can read our related press release here.