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The mission of CEEweb is the conservation of the biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development, which however requires better policy- and decision-making on various levels that respects the principles of sustainability. For this aim CEEweb takes part in various policy- and decision-making processes and elaborates assessments, position papers, and recommendations on its own or in cooperation with other organisations. These documents target governmental organisations forming policies and making decisions, as well as other non-governmental and private stakeholders in order to share experiences, ideas and to develop common positions for a sustainable society.

Please read more about the standpoint of CEEweb on different topics below. The CEEweb Policy Office and its member organisations compiled the assessments, positions and reports, or joined the positions of other organisations or networks’ in order to achieve better results with common NGO action.

Biodiversity and climate change

Concerns over limiting the LIFE Climate Action sub-programme to finance loans for the private sector and large scale public projects – November 2013 (pdf)

Recommendations for possible objectives of a future LIFE Fund supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation targets,  December 2011 (pdf)

Recommendations for adaptation to climate change at national level - Recommendations to national decision makers in Central and Eastern Europe, October 2011 (pdf)

Central and East European NGO reflections on Cancun – analysis and recommendations, January 2011 (pdf)

CEEweb contribution to the European Commission’s Public consultation on the role of EU agriculture and forestry in achieving the EU’s climate change commitments, December 2010 (pdf)

After Copenhagen-opportunity for a new climate change policy in Europe and globally, January 2010 (pdf)

Findings of a survey on national climate change policies of seven CEE countries, 2008 (pdf)

Biodiversity policies in the EU

Open letter: Request to include the Land as a Resource Communication in the 2016 Work Programme of the European Commission (joint letter of 18 NGOs), May 2015 (pdf)

CEEweb for Biodiversity’s recommendations for CBD COP-12 – Resource mobilisation for biodiversity and sustainable development, October 2014 (pdf)

Critical review of Biodiversity Offset track record For the purposes of IEEP in their review of ‘Policy Options for a potential EU No Net Loss Initiative’ (FERN and other NGOs including CEEweb) September 2013 (pdf)

Recommendations for the Environment Council conclusions under the Polish EU Presidency on the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy December 2011 (pdf)

Lobby letter for the protection of wilderness in the Sumava National Park, the Czech Republic August 2011 (pdf)

Recommendations for an EU Green Infrastructure Strategy,  September 2011 (pdf)

European Habitats Forum (EHF) Detailed Response to the EU Biodiversity Strategy, May 2011 (pdf)

Comments on the Stakeholder Consultation on EU Strategy on Invasive Alien Species, 2010 (pdf)

Response to the EC Public Consultation on Post 2010 Biodiversity Strategy, 2010 (pdf)

Response to the EC Communication 2010: Put resource use at the heart of biodiversity policy, 2010 (pdf)

Leaflet on the assessment of the EU Biodiversity Action Plan mid-term review, 2009 (pdf) and full report, 2009 (pdf)

Position of CEEweb on the draft report and resolution ‘Wilderness in Europe’by Mr. Gyula Hegyi MEP, 2008 (pdf)

European Habitats Forum (EHF) briefing to the Environment Council on the Biodiversity Communication, 2007 (pdf)

Development policy

Open letter to the Presidency and MSs on the conflict mineral regulation, June 2016 (pdf)

CEEweb contribution to the public consultation about Green Paper: “EU development policy in support of inclusive growth and sustainable development – Increasing the impact of EU development policy”, January 2011 (pdf)

Energy policies

Why energy limitation should go hand in hand with ensuring sustainable energy for all? November 2013 (pdf)

Joint open letter: EU biofuels policy comes at an unacceptably high economic, social and environmental cost – time to fix a failed policy, June 2013 (pdf)

EU environmental policies – cross-cutting issues and processes

Towards a 7th EAP – CEEweb’s position, June 2012 (pdf)

Letter to EU Ministers on the Environment Council about Life+, the Rio+20 Conference and Durban outcomes, March 2012 (pdf)

Results in the biodiversity policy of the Polish Presidency and raising opportunities for the Danish Presidency, December 2011 (pdf)

Conceptual recommendations to the 7th Environmental Action Programme, October 2011 (pdf)

Results and opportunities in biodiversity policy field after the Hungarian Presidency with a view to the Polish Presidency, July 2011 (pdf)

CEEweb recommendations for the work of the Hungarian EU Presidency, December 2010 (pdf)

Future of Europe and the EU budget

Position for the Reflection paper of EU finances by SDG Watch Europe, CEEweb and CEE Bankwatch Network, June 2017 (pdf)

Sustainability principles for the next Multiannual Financial Framework, May 2017 (pdf)

6th scenario of European NGOs for the future of Europe, May 2017 (pdf)

CEEweb’s input into the review of the Europe 2020 Strategy, October 2014 (pdf)

CEEweb position on the document of „Budget for Europe 2020”, September 2011 (pdf)

CEEweb Comments on the Consultation on the Future Europe 2020  Strategy, 2010 (pdf)

 Sustainable development

SDG Watch Europe Recommendations for the Council Conclusions, April 2017 (pdf)

SDG Watch Europe Recommendations for the Council Conclusions on the EC Communication: Next Steps for Sustainable European Future, April, 2016 (pdf)

Statement by SDG Watch Europe on the European Commission’s Communique, November 2016 (pdf)

Joint letter to Vice President Timmermans by SDG Watch Europe, November 2016 (pdf)

Letter to Timmermans from the EU SDG civil society coalition, February, 2016

How can sustainable consumption and production be both limited and sufficient at the same time? January, 2014 (pdf)

Joint position: The future we want to work on! – Sustainable Development Goals, July 2013 (pdf)

Global discourse without real results – Assessment of CEEweb for Biodiversity on the Rio+20 outcomes June 2012

Assessment of CEEweb for Biodiversity on the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, November 2011 (pdf)

Global deal at Rio: not only an opportunity, but a must, in Serbian, Input to the zero draft of the Rio+20 Conference, October 2011 (pdf)

NGOs’ letter to the EU Environment Ministers regarding the EU position on Rio +20, October 2011 (pdf)

Global concern and opportunity at the same time: structural changes in the economy to deliver environmental and socio-economic goals – CEEweb position towards Rio+20,  September 2011 (pdf)

Towards Green Economy: greenwashing or sustainability? June 2011 (pdf)

The position of CEEweb on the “Business and Biodiversity” initiative for the Lisbon Conference, 2007 (pdf)

Multilateral environmental agreements

Resource mobilisation for biodiversity and sustainable development CEEweb for Biodiversity’s recommendations for CBD COP-12, 2014 (pdf)

Appeal to EU Governments to destroy ivory, 2014 (pdf)

Open letter on Canada’s withdrawal form UNCCD, 2013 (pdf)

Ensuring that Biodiversity Financing Mechanisms serve the benefit of all life on Earth – Position for the 6th Biodiversity in Europe Conference, 2013 (pdf)

Pan-European concern and opportunity at the same time: structural changes in the economy to deliver environmental and socio-economic goals – Position to the Astana Ministerial conference, September 2011 (pdf)

CEEweb´s submission to the CBD Secretariat on Innovative Financing Mechanims July 2011 (pdf)

CEEweb position on the Annex I and II of the WGRI-03-03 document (draft strategic plan for the period 2011-2020 and indicative framework of targets, activities and indicators for implementation and monitoring), April 2010 (pdf)

CEEweb position on UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/14/10 (Examination of the outcome-oriented goals and targets (and associated indicators) and consideration of their possible adjustment for the period beyond 2010), March 2010 (pdf)

Submission on the Third draft of the 10 year framework of programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production of the Marrakech Process (UNEP+UN DESA), 2009 (pdf)

Submission on the revision of the Strategic Plan to the Convention on Biological Diversity, 2009 (pdf)

Comments on the Carpathian Convention with regards to tourism, 2003 (pdf)

Statement of CEE NGOs regarding international agreements and national development plans, 2003 (pdf)

Assessment of implementation if international agreements in eleven CEE countries, 2003 (pdf)

Natura 2000

Joint position with Justice and Environment – European Network of Environmental Law Organizations, ClientEarth and European Environmental Bureau: Making Natura 2000 Impact Assessments Truly Appropriate: NGO proposal for an Action Plan, February 2017 (Pdf)

CEEweb and Eurosite joint letter to the European Commission: comments on the proposed Action plan to better implement Natura 2000, February 2017 (Pdf)

CEEweb for Biodiversity’s Letter to Commissioners – ask for the fitness check results on Natura 2000!, November 2016 (pdf)

CEEweb for Biodiversity’s letter to MEPs – ask for the fitness check results on Natura 2000!, November 2016 (pdf)

CEEweb letter to President Juncker, Vice Presidents and Commissioners supporting not opening Birds and Habitats Directives under Fitness Check process, May 2016

Joint NGO letter to the Government of Republic of Sprksa on the construction of small hydro power plants in the area of National Park Sutjeska, March 2013

Joint NGO letter to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria on the Amendments to the Management plan of the Pirin National Park, March 2013

Joint NGO letter to the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria on the Amendments to the Management plan of the Pirin National Park, March 2013

LIFE 2014-2020 – Environment Council negotiations under the Presidency of Cyprus,  August 2012

European Environmental NGOs position on LIFE 2014-2020, February 2012

NGOs recommendations for the future financing of Natura 2000, January 2011 (pdf)

Natura 2000 management in Central and Eastern Europe – Background document to and presentation at the Nature Directors Meeting, 8-9 June 2009, Prague

Briefing to the EU Nature Directors from the European Habitats Forum, November 2007 (pdf)

European Habitats Forum: Impacts on Biodiversity of Changing Set-Aside to 0%, 2007 (pdf)

Position of the Hungarian Natura 2000 NGO coalition on the second version of the Governmental Decree 275/2004 transposing the EU Habitats Directive into national legislation, 2006 (pdf)

EU Funds and Natura 2000: Evaluation of the National Strategic Reference Frameworks, 2006 (pdf)

Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy

Enhancing synergies among MEAs and delivering the CBD Strategic Plan in Pan-Europe: the potential of PEBLDS updated version, April 2013 (pdf)

Joint NGO Statement for the 6th Biodiversity in Europe Conference, April 2013 (pdf)

Joint NGO messages on The Green Economy and the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity; on Protected Areas, Ecological Networks, and Poverty Reduction in the Surrounding Communities; on Post 2010 biodiversity targets and the Strategic Plan of the Convention on Biological Diversity: Priorities for the Pan-European region 2010 (pdf)

Joint NGO messages on Valuing ecosystem services, on Biodiversity and Climate ChangeA post 2010 vision for the Pan-European region 2009 (pdf)

Background documents on Valuing ecosystem services, on Biodiversity and Climate ChangeA post 2010 vision for the Pan-European region 2009 (pdf)

CEEweb’s position on the draft Pan-European Guidelines for Afforestation and Reforestation in the context of the UNFCCC, 2008 (pdf)

Biodiversity for Europe now! The European Eco Forum’s recommendations for Pan-European cooperation in biodiversity field for the Belgrade Conference in 2007 (pdf)

Position paper on NGO involvement in actions towards the target to halt biodiversity loss by 2010 and report on the TIME IS LIFE Conference organised by CEEWEB, 2004 (pdf)

Report on the progress of South-East European countries towards the 2010 target (pdf) and summary table of the national findings 2004 (pdf)

NGO position on communication, education and public awareness as an input to the 4th Biodiversity in Europe Conference, 2004 (pdf)

NGO position on Invasive Alien Species as an input to the 4th Biodiversity in Europe Conference, 2004 (pdf)

The role of PEBLDS – Analysis and recommendations, 2003 (pdf)

Assessment of implementation of PEBLDS in ten CEE countries – Conclusions, 2003 (pdf)

Regional development and territorial cohesion

Proposed Priorities for Cohesion Policy – Biodiversity, 2012 (pdf)

Proposed Priorities for Cohesion Policy – Research, Development, Innovation, 2012 (pdf)

Recommendations to the Hungarian government on the programming and priorities of the Cohesion Policy between 2014-2020 in Hungarian: Javaslatok a kohéziós politika 2014 – 2020 időszakra vonatkozó prioritásaira és programozására, April 2012 (pdf)

Contribution to the Public Consultation on the Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion Position prepared by the Coalition for the sustainable use of funds, which includes environmental NGOs – Friends of the Earth Europe, CEE Bankwatch Network, WWF, RSPB and CEEweb, 2009 (pdf)

“Delivering Sustainable Development”, Environmental NGOs’ common position on European Regional Policy after 2006 prepared by BirdLife International, CEE Bankwatch Network, CEEweb, Friends of the Earth Europe, Milieukontakt Oost-Europa and WWF, 2004 (pdf)

Assessment of national development plans from nature conservation point of view in nine CEE countries, 2003 (pdf)

Statement of CEE NGOs regarding international agreements and national development plans, 2003 (pdf)

Integrated evaluation of Regional Development Plans with regards to sustainability, 2002 (pdf), full report including case studies in Hungarian (2,4 MB) (pdf)

Resource policies in the EU

NGO Coalition Briefing – EU Regulation on Responsible Mineral Sourcing, October 2015  (pdf)

CEEweb input to the on-line public consultation on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and Sustainable Industrial Policy (SIP), April 2012 (pdf)

Will efforts for a resource efficient Europe deliver results without considering the need for limiting its resource use? – Assessment of CEEweb for Biodiversity on the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, November 2011 (pdf)

Letter to Commissioner Janez Potocnik on discussing an energy quota system within the Resource Efficient Flagship Initiative from MTvSz- Friends of the Earth Hungary and CEEweb, attached: Proposal for a Climate Act for a Sustainable Society in Hungary and Short summary of the impact assessment of the Climate Act proposal, July 2011

Position of CEEweb on an effective roadmap towards a resource efficient Europe, June 2011 (pdf)

Rural development and agriculture

CSOs Common Statement on European Agricultural Policies, March 2017 (pdf)

Open letter to MEPs supporting the EC proposal for a revised Fertilisers Regulation-ECOS-EEB-CEEweb for Biodiversity, December 2016 (pdf)

Cork 2.0: European Conference on Rural Development, September 2016

CAP Fitness Check Letter to President Juncker, March 2016

Recommendations for NGOs on being active in forming measures for the 2014-2020 NRDPs (pdf)

Open letter: Civil Society alarmed by the prospect of regressive Common Agricultural Policy reform, 2013 (pdf)

Open letter to the European Commission on biofuels and carbon footprint, April, 2012 (pdf)

Recommendations for a future CAP, October, 2011 (pdf)

Letter to Barroso, President of the European Commission on the Roadmap for the reform of environmentally harmful subsidies, March 2011 (pdf)

CEEweb response to the “Consultation for the Impact Assessment on the Common Agricultural Policy towards 2020” proposals, January 2011 (pdf)

Proposals for the CAP post-2013 (contribution to the public debate launched by Commissioner Ciolo in 2010), 2010 (pdf)

CEE NGO position on the CAP Health Check, 2008 (pdf)

“Future of the Rural Development Policy” in the EU prepared by the EEB Agriculture Working Group, 2004 (pdf)

Biodiversity conservation in the Hungarian National Rural Development Plan, 2004 (pdf)


CEEweb STWG Statement on the Carpathian Tourism Strategy, November 2012 (pdf)

CEEweb’s position on the first draft of the EU Charter for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism (the CEEweb’s comment on European Charter for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism and the completed questionnaire), April 2012 (pdf)

Recommendations for EU DG Enterprise Tourism Sustainability Group, 2010 (pdf)

Comments on the Carpathian Convention with regards to tourism, 2003 (pdf)

Assessment of the sustainable tourism development model of Banska Stiavnica based on the CBD Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development, 2003 (pdf)


Joint letter to Commissioner Janez Potocnik to urge the EU Commission to take action against ongoing commercial whaling in Iceland

NGO’s concerns in regards to the legally binding agreement on forests in Europe

NGOs reject adopted text of the legally binding agreement on forests

COP 19 Climate Capture: Stop the corporate takeover and expansion of carbon markets now!

The above expressed views solely reflect the position of CEEweb. The donors are not responsible for the expressed views and the use of the information made available.