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Posters & Brochures

  Smart and Green cities – 2018 Download in English Download in Hungarian Download in Slovak Download in Czech  Download in Polish    Check out also our recent brochures and postcards below!   Ecosystem services postcards 2017 Download (jpg, 1.29 MB)       Public money for public goods Public money for public goods? 2016 Download (jpg, 1.28 MB)          


Call of the V. Green-Go International Short Film Contest 2015 2015 Download (jpg, 2.2 MB)           Wanted – Dead or Alive Exposing Online Wildlife Trade 2014 Download (pdf, 1.2 MB)
CEEweb’s Green Infrastructure Knowledge Hub 2014 Download (pdf, 1.2 MB)
good_tourism_Carpathians_posters_coverGood Practices of Sustainable Tourism in the Carpathians
2014 Fourteen case studies from the seven Carpathian countries laid out in seven posters. The same case studies are available in booklet format. Download (pdf, 7.2 MB)
quotas Quotas for a Better World 2014 Download (pdf, 1,2 MB)
gainingprofit Gaining Profit while Conserving Nature through Multi-stakeholder partnerships 2014 Download (pdf, 2 MB)
advocating Advocating for Resource Use Capping 2014 Download (pdf, 1 MB)
The role of European agriculture and forestry in climate change mitigation 2013 Download (pdf, 390 kB)
Resource Cap Coalition 2011 Download (pdf, 249 kB)
How would you feel…? – Leaflet for the Planning for Biodiversity Conference, Poland 2011  Download (pdf, 503 kB)
Do you want to travel on the Titanic? 2010 Download (pdf, 249 kB)
Ecosystem-based adaptation of land use to climate change 2010 Download (pdf, 1.5 kB)
Pan European Biodiversity Picnic 2010 Download (pdf, 3.0 MB)
The CEEweb Network 2007 Download (pdf, 3.25 MB)
CEEweb Working Groups 2007 Download (jpg, 3.75 MB)
“Business and Biodiversity” 2007 The poster was compiled for the High Level Conference on Business and Biodiversity, 2007, Lisbon, Portugal in order to inform people about well-working projects throughout Central- and Eastern-Europe. It explains how small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from biological diversity and conserve it at the same time. Download (pdf, 1.7 MB)
Poster on the SPAC schema 2007 Download (jpg, 1 MB)
NGO assessment of national progress towards the 2010 target in south east european countries 2005 Download (pdf, 3 MB)

Brochures and infographics

InfographicConflictMinerals_EN_CEE_1st partInfographic about conflict minerals 2015 Download (jpg, 795 kB)           infogr_cutInfographic on the Energy Budget Scheme 2015 The infographic explains how the Energy Budget Scheme works on international level towards the deep decarbonisation of the economy without burdening the poor. Download (pdf, 1,2 MB)           20 Years of CEEweb and CEEweb Award 2014 This leaflet celebrates the 20 Years Anniversary of CEEweb for Biodiversity and presents the winners of CEEwen Award 2014 – for excellence in Natura 2000 protection! 2014 Download (jpg 2.4 MB)
Gaining Profit Naturally 2014 Download in English  (pdf, 0,4 MB) Download in Hungarian
degrowth Leaflet created for the Degrowth 2014 event held on 4 September 2014. Download
European Civil Society networks’ ideas about SDGs and Beyond2015 process 2013 A small research in Brussels found out what European networks are doing in terms of follow up in the post-Rio+20 process the coming years – especially at the European level. Download (pdf, 700 kB)
Brochure about the goals and activities of the Resource Cap Coalition The Resource Cap Coalition (RCC) brings together European organisations advocating for a global resource use reduction, a precondition for sustainability. This publication describes how the RCC envisages the needed resource use limitation, with a foreword of Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair of UNEP’s International Resource Panel and Co-President of The Club of Rome. Download (pdf) Leaflet about the goals and activities of the Resource Cap Coalition, updated versions: 2013, Download (pdf); 2014, Download

Leaflet prepared by CEEweb for the Planning for Biodiversity Polish Presidency event (7-9 Nobember 2011, Warsaw)

2011 Download (pdf)
Military Training Areas leaflet of the David Stiftung, Germany (in cooperation with CEEweb) 2007 The leaflet introduces a project on biodiversity protection in military owned areas of Central, East and South-East European countries. The project is jointly managed by the Naturstiftung David (GER) and CEEweb. Read more about the project… Download (pdf, 698 kB)
Brochure for Pan-European Biodiversity Picnic 2007 Download (pdf, 740 kB)
Visit a Better Place to Live! The brochure explains the concept of sustainable tourism in unconventional way – by providing a map of an imaginary village and interviews taken in that “community”. On the other side of the map, however, real-life examples are presented that were implemented with the participation of the members of CEEweb Sustainable Tourism Working Group. In addition, the brochure provides information about the Working Group itself. 2006 Brochure in English (pdf, 633 kB) Brochure in Polish (pdf, 761 kB) Brochure in Ukrainian (pdf, 822 kB) Brochure in Serbian (pdf, 700 kB) Brochure in Romanian (pdf, 735 kB)
Don’t buy endangered species This leaflet gives you concrete and practical information on the endangered species in the world. The publication is especially useful for tourists travelling abroad. 2006 Download (jpg 2.4 MB)


How would you feel….? – e-card 2011 Download (jpg)
Postcard for International Biodiversity Day 2007 Download (jpg, 179 kB)
Postcard for International Biodiversity Day 2005 Download (pdf, 458 kB)