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Members’ activities

ADEPT Transilvania

ADEPT is a non-profit, environmental NGO, its project area covers approximately 85,000ADEPT Transilvania - HNV Landscapes ha, including 35 villages in ten communes with some 21,000 human inhabitants. ADEPT aims to assess grasslands and design management guidelines for them, work with farmers to develop capacity and financial incentives for continued good management, give the small-scale farming communities of the area a future and provide models for other such landscapes in Europe. Read more>>


AGORA – Working Group for Sustainable Development is a non-profit environmental NGO, founded in 2001 by specialists in biology, ecology, geography, sociology interested in nature conservation and environmental protection. The main goal of our organization is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the environment and to the protection of nature through concrete activities, research programmes and ecological education, in the spirit of sustainable development principles. Read more>>

Albanian Association of Youth and Students of Geo-science and Environment

We are a non governmental, non profit organization from Albania. Some our objectives are to create an excellent platform for the integration and for the understanding among our society and European values. In the AAYSGE statute and in our future project, we would like to have for our member and in generally for society many events and activities, environmental, scientific, biodiversity, experience, academic, professional, educative, cultural, etc. We were involved in the biggest campaign here in Albania for several environmental problems and environmental protection. Also in all our projects to archive a bigger impact, we involve all the interested groups from civil society and central and local governmental etc. We are for integration of Albanian ways of thinking on a European dimension. It deals mainly with our objectives and targets in environmental aspect.

Balkani Wildlife Society

Balkani Wildlife Society is a non-profit public benefit organisation. The main aims of the Society are study, conservation and restoration of flora and fauna in natural ecosystems, their preservation for future generations and raising public awareness on the problems of nature conservation. Read more>>


Biosfera – Center for education, environment and nature protection is working in the field of environment and nature protection, biodiversity protection, European integration in environmental issues, local, regional and international development, creative development of children and youth, strengthening civil society capacity to deal with nature protection. Biosfera’s 46 members are people with different professional background and skills that give our work high level of both quality and motivation. Biosfera’s activities include workshops, trainings, campaigns, lobbying, advocacy, seminars, conferences, transfer of knowledge and information, actions. Read more>>

BIOTICA Ecological Society

BIOTICA Ecological Society has been registered as a national NGO on April 2, 1993. Since then, dozens of projects were successfully implemented mainly with the support of foreign and international funds. As Moldovan legislation clearly distinguishes those NGOs that are working in public benefit areas without any involvement in electoral campaigns, BIOTICA has officially received such public benefit status, therefore possessing a State Public Benefit Organization Certificate. There are 25 members in BIOTICA. Read more>>

Brod Ecological Society-BED

Brod Ecological Society – BED was founded on May 19th 1989. The largest visible success of BED is the program of protection and improvement of protected pasture Gajna. Through its activities, projects and publications BED educates and promotes values of landscape conservation, biodiversity protection, environment and nature protection and preservation of traditional and cultural heritage. BED is the contact point for the international alliance / consortium (Indigenous and Community Conserved Area – ICCA Consortium) related to the governance of common resources and a hub for coordinator for Central, Eastern and Northern Europe. Read more>>


BROZ was established as a civic association (non-profit, non-governmental organisation) in Bratislava in 1997. Most of its activities have been focused on the nature conservation and restoration of degraded natural ecosystems in the western part of Slovakia- Danube and Zahorie Lowlands, Danube, Morava and Rudava Rivers and Male Karpaty Mts. BROZ is dealing with biodiversity conservation, sustainable development in Slovakia, supporting rural development, traditional land use practices, N2000 habitats and species, management. Read more>>

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF)

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) works to conserve biodiversity in Bulgaria and neighboring countries and assists obbf website_attch_p_9fe8c_Lubo Donchev2rganisations and institutions involved, supports the participation of citizens and local communities in managing natural resources and protected areas and increased public awareness to the issues of biodiversity. Underlying everything we do is a belief that natural resources preservation is only possible through public awareness. We strive to increase recognition of the opportunities and benefits of protected areas and work for their long-term protection. Read more>>

Center for Socio-Ecological Research and Documentation (Eco-Centar)

Eco-centar was founded as a non governmental organization by a group of independent experts. The main idea was to carry out research and collect official, scientific and statistical environmental documentation. From primarily social approach towards the environment, the Centre developed natural and scientific approach through years as well. Moreover, its activities are expanded to other fields, namely organization of conferences, round tables, workshops, and manifestations, initialisation of debates, publishing, cooperation with international and national environmental organizations and local non-governmental and governmental organizations and institutions. Read more>>

Center for Environment

The Center for Environment was established in 1999 as Young Researchers of Banja Luka, at the initiative of a group of students from the departments of biology and geography at the Faculty of Science in Banja Luka. In 2005 it changed its name to the Centre for Environment, due to changes in their goals and activities. Center for Environment is a nonprofit, non-governmental and non-partisan organization of professionals and activists dedicated to the protection and improvement of the environment, advocating principles of sustainable development and wider public participation in decision-making on the environment. Read more>>

Cutezatorul Public Association

The Public Association Cutezatorul is a non-governmental, voluntary, independent, non-profit, non-political local organization that caries out activities in Falesti, Republic of Moldova. Cutezatorul was registered on the 26th of October and now has over ö members and well over 100 volunteers. The goal of the association is to contribute to the development and dissemination of ecological information and education, the protection of human rights and increasing active public participation in the process of transnational cooperation and European integration. Read more>>

Danube River of Cooperation

The organization is dealing with Belgrade perspective of sustainable development and climate change, sustainable use of natural, cultural and historical resources, as well as with the EU Strategy for Danube Basin Region through organizing the West Balkan NGOs’ network, and cooperates with Universitas Danubiana. Read more>

Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development

The foundation was established in 1992 with the aim to promote the idea of sustainable development by building understanding on the idea of sustainability and helping the practical implementation of sustainable development. Among various other topics (biodiversity conservation, rural development, environmental education and awareness raising, advocacy, etc.) the Institute is dealing with the assessment of European, national and/or regional strategies, development of alternate documents and enhancing public participation in the decision making processes, based in Hungary. Read more>>

Ecological Movement of Macedonia (DEM)

DEM promotes High Nature Value Farmland and agri-environmental payments through NGOs in Macedonia in cooperamacedonians websitetion with AVALOM foundation. Besides, it advocates for proper environmental policies and strategies in SEE through capacity building for the implementation of the EU environmental policies and strategies in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. DEM’s objective is to raise public awareness concerning environmental protection, sustainable development, and preservation of nature at the lowest level of destruction. Read more>>

Ecological Tourism in Europe

The association was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organisation that provides a forum for NGOs working in the fields of nature conservation and environmental protection, sustainable tourism, youth, leisure activities and culture. Since then, ETE promotes sustainable tourism in Germany and whole Europe – a tourism that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Since many years ETE is active in Central and Eastern European countries. Read more>>


We are the organization of professionals in ecology. Our main goal is to be a boundary organization, attract different stakeholders to solve jointly the problems of sustainable development. Our field of expertise comprises sustainable urban development (including energy efficiency, responsible housing management etc, tenants’ participation), water and biodiversity governance, landscape planning (landscape strategies), environmental education, ecotourism and mitigation and adaptation to climate change (including renewable energy). Read more>>

Ecosilvex 2000

Ecosilvex is a Romanian Foundation that works for the conservation of biodiversity. During the year 2009 the organization has implemented three important projects regarding the biodiversity conservation in the Bison land area with focus on European bison conservation. Another project “Vanatori Neamt Nature Park – 10 years since foundation” was implemented by the organization between May and September celebrating the 10th anniversary since this protected area from north east of Romania was established. A series of booklets and leaflets have been published during the implementation of the projects.

Estonian Fund for Nature

Estonian fund for nature honlapjáról

Sea, forest and wetlands – the aim of the Estonian Fund for Nature (Eestimaa Looduse Fond – ELF) is to preserve the entire Estonian nature and its diversity. Since 1991, the voluntary civic association in cooperation with many people and organizations has been the leader of various wildlife conservation projects important to Estonia. On the initiative of ELF, natural parks and wildlife preserves have been established; also extensive inventories to map Estonia’s natural resources have been carried out. Read more>>

“EXCELSIOR” (NGO), the Association for the Promotion of Natural and Cultural Heritage of Banat and Crişana

The organisation was established in 2006 by a group of young and dedicated graduates and aims to promote the natural and cultural values of Banat and Crisana regions of Romania. Excelsior’s main activities are centered on managing nature protected areas – about 40000ha of Natura 2000 sites and nature reserves in western Romania – carrying out studies for biodiversity conservation, participation to local, regional and national environmental policies development, promoting traditional rural culture and promoting sustainable urban development.

The NGO activates in several networks and working groups, such as: IENE – Infra Eco Network Europe, RNDR ( Romanian Rural Development National Network), HURO 2007-2013 Monitoring Committee, HURO 2007-2013 Steering Committee, POR 2007-2013 (Regional Operational Program) Communicator. Through their X-PARC project, the NGO started to develop a network for nature protected areas managing bodies in the Hungary-Romania cross-border region, named “X-Nature Network”. Read more>>

‘Fauna’ Animal Research and Protection Association

The Animals Research and Protection Association “Fauna” (or Association “Fauna”) is a non-governmental environmental organization dedicated to wildlife conservation. Its purpose is to protect rare and endangered species of plants and animals as well as biologically important habitats. The Association was officially registered on March 11, 2006, although the organizational work began much earlier. Association “Fauna” activities fall into three main areas: research, nature protection, and education. Read more>>

NC “Future Now”

In 2008 and 2009 Future Now worked under the project “Nature messengers” funded by the European Social Fund and the Bulgarian government. During the project they created a new website with the main goal to raise peoples’ understanding of the situation of Bulgarian nature, and to increase personal responsibility of every citizen towards the ecological problems in Bulgaria. All visitors have the possibility to choose between several given opportunities or to create their own pledge. Read more>>

 Geoecological Center

The Geoecological Center (GEC) is a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit association founded for an indefinite period of time to achieve professional (research and educational) objectives in the field of environmental protection, geo-sciences and sustainable development. GEC’s main objectives are to preserve and enhance the environment, commitment to the improvement of professional collaboration through results in environmental protection, geo-sciences and sustainable development, publishing scientific, informative, educational and multimedia contents in the field of geo-science, environmental protection and sustainable development, and promotion of the use of modern GIS technology in all areas of society.

Green Action

Green Action Association is an environmental NGO, founded in 1990, with the main objective of “raising public awareness” for environmental issues, the state of natural habitats. Our principle, that humans are part of nature, so we, as a race should have to adapt to it, as much as possible. Green Action is a member of the Waste Management Working Group, the Society of Hungarian Conservationists and CEEweb. They are the founding member of the Hungarian Information Centre of Environment Protection, the EcoService, and the Ecological Institute of Sustainable Development. Read more>>

Green Balkans

Green Balkans is a leading organization in the field of conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria.
The Organization was established in 1988 being Bulgaria’s oldest nature conservation NGO. For its almost 20 years’ existence, Green Balkans has won recognition from international and national institutions, authorities, and donors as a welcome partner and a highly reputable and competent organization. This is proven by the public confidence in the Organization and its almost 4,500 Bulgarian and foreign members. Read more>>


GreenDependent’s mission is to research and promote sustainable lifestyles, production and consumption methods and systems. Through its activities GreenDependent tries to establish links between research and everyday living so that important findings can be disseminated, discussed and put into practice as soon as possible. While GreenDependent partners in international projects, it also tries to be active on the local level: it initiates dialogue, motivates changes, and sets examples. Read more>>

GreenTourism Ecological Association

TurismVerde Ecological Association aims to impose sustainable and responsible tourism as a priority subject on the list of decision making authorities from tourism field. Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of Romania as part of the European Union.
We currently run several projects to achieve our objectives, including environmental awareness through artistic language, measurement of tourism services, establishment of eco-labeling, as well as enhancement of social and economic welfare at the country side. Read more>>

Latvian Fund for Nature

latvians websiteThe Latvian Fund for Nature (LFN) was established in 1990 by a steering group of ten people. The idea of establishing such a foundation came about because in Latvia there were in fact no professional non-governmental nature conservation and research organisations. The initial name of the organisation was the ‘Gandrs (Black Stork) Fund’, but since 1991 it is under its present name. LFN was founded with the aim of developing a project to protect rare and endangered species and natural areas, and, by attracting financial support, to provide for the implementation of such a conservation project. Read more>>

Lithuanian Fund for Nature

The Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LFN) is a non-governmental organization for the conservation of nature. Its activities are closely related to the preservation of wildlife. Founded in 1991, right after the reestablishment of Lithuania’s independence from the Soviet Union, the LFN is one of the first conservation organizations in Lithuania. The Fund seeks to preserve Lithuania’s natural resources for its future generations by protecting the country’s biodiversity and ecological balance. Read more>>

Milvus Group

Milvus Group is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, dedicated to birds and nature protection, acting in the field of conservation, education, research and advisory in order to make Romania a better place for birds, wildlife and people. It was established in 1991 and worked initially as a branch of the Romanian Ornithological Society. Initiating and coordinating national and international projects and broadening its area of work Milvus Group became an independent organisation in 2001, in the present having branches and school groups in different localities. Read more>>

National Society of Conservationists

The National Society of Conservationists is the largest grassroots environmental NGO network in Hungary. NSC aims to protect nature as a whole and to promote the implementation of sustainable development. It was founded in 1989, it has 113 member associations with almost 33 000 members. In 2006, the activities of NSC reached all the counties of Hungary. NSC participates in several European NGO networks. Read more>>

Naturalists Club Poland

Naturalists’ Club is an independent, non-governmental organization working in the field of nature conservation and environmental education. The organization is active in whole Poland, especially in its western and northern part. The Club leads varied activities, e.g. collects data about nature in Poland, publishes books and bulletins, holds an Internet bookstore. Furthermore, the Club makes nature inventories, does researches, gives expert opinions, develops conservation plans and methods, organizes trips and workshops, runs nature museums, breeds sheep. Read more>>


Protego is civil society organization aimed to promote protection of architectural, cultural and natural heritage. Protego works on topics and react in cases of unsustainable urban development, corruption in managing of common resources as well in cases of exclusion of citizens from the process of planning and decision-making in the city of Subotica. We link public and problems, require changes of regulations and plans using the legal procedures available to citizens and we encourage public participation in sustainable urban development. Read more>>

The Academic Section of the Polish Country-Lovers’ Association in Krakow

Academic Section of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society in Krakow (AS of PTTK in Krakow) is a non-profit organization with over 50 years of experience in promotion of active tourism, nature protection and countryside studies. The organization associates mainly students and academic staff in Krakow who run library with Centre for Regional Tourist Studies and Protected Areas Tourist Information Centre, organize educational events, seminars and courses for mountain guides and manage a mountain hut and 3 camping sites in the summertime. AS of PTTK cooperates with several international organizations in mobility and sustainable tourism development projects. Read more>>

Raptor Protection of Slovakia

raptor website_phoca_thumb_l_Agentilis_StanoHarvancik1

Accipiter gentilis. Photo: Stanislav Harvančík

Raptor Protection of Slovakia – RPS is an independent, non-governmental organization, a civic association focusing on the research and protection of birds of prey and owls living in the wild around Slovakia. The Group for Research and Protection of Raptors and Owls was founded in 1975 by one of the leading ornithologists in Slovakia, Štefan Danko. In 2004 the GRPRO was renamed to the Raptor Protection of Slovakia (RPS). At the present time the RPS comprises almost 150 members and supporters all over Slovakia. Read more>>


 The Polish Society for Nature Protection “Salamandra” was founded in 1993. It is a non-governmental, non-profit association and it is one of the most active ecological organisations in Poland. It preserves the values of nature and undertakes educational campaigns. The number of members of “Salamandra” is more than 2500 people. The number of volunteers who are taking part in various activities outruns 500. “Salamandra” puts a great emphasis on high scientific level and good organisation of its projects. Every undertaking is planned and supervised by a specialist of the suitable field. That’s why its work excels in efficiency. Read more>>

School for Survival

School for survival has been operating since August 2003 and brings together experts from various fields, a new concept of education based on the new philosophy of life, environmental ethics and sustainable development principles necessary for the preservation and improvement of the environment and achieving a higher quality of life. Main goals of  “School for survival” is to promote sustainable development, strengthening of environmental and citizens awareness of personal responsibility for the environment, both in the local community and national level and on international level. Read more>>

SEED – Small Enterprise Economic Development

The Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development (SEED) was founded in 1990 by entrepreneurial representative groups, higher education institutions, financial institutions and ministries. According to the objectives of the founders, the organisation started its operation aiming to broaden the knowledge base of entrepreneurs and to develop a sound entrepreneurial culture and environment in Hungary. Due to its activity SEED has gained a so called public status in 1998. Depending on our clients’ needs – besides enterprise development – part of our work is to strengthen the NGO sector and support civil organisations. Our mission is to promote the sustainable economy and equal opportunities by developing an ethical, conscious and effective entrepreneurial attitude. Read more>>

SUNCE – Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development

Sunce is a leading environment and nature protection organization in Dalmatia as well as one of the most influential environmental CSOs in Croatia. Role of Sunce is to actively contribute to environmental protection and nature conservation. We are doing it by encouraging public participation, educating and informing the public in order to change values and behavior, advocating responsible management based on the principles of sustainable development and by creating guidelines for protection measures and effective actions. Read more>>

Young Researchers of Serbia (YRS)

Young Researchers of Serbia represents a national organization and unites three thematically different but interconnected sectors, namely the Youth Sector, Voluntary Service of Serbia and Environmental Protection and Conservation Sector. We organize activities in the field of the promotion of sustainable development as well as nature protection and conservation through biodiversity protection programmes; including biodiversity protection in nature protected areas, capacity building, cooperation improvement, campaigns and lobbying related to EU nature protection acquis in Serbia. Read more>>