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14 November 2017

Green-GO winners announcement

The 7th Green-GO International Short Film Contest winners have been announced!

The winners of our 500 EUR worth awards are:

– Build Green Live Green (green infrastructure)

Loud Statement by Pavlo Nesterov from the Czech Republic.

Have you ever thought that we replace calm nature parks with loud roads and massive buildings? Just listen. What do you hear now?
Is it a car engine sound, ambulance sirene, street repair works… And what would you like the sound of your future to be?

– Last Day on Earth? (earth overshoot day)

Nature Calls by Harry Vincent from Australia.

Nature Calls is essentially a film on how I imagine the world would treat “Mother Nature” if she was a real person. Day after day we get closer and closer to extinction of thousands of species of animals, we destroy countless acres of beautiful forests and for what? Profit. Mother Nature has been sending us messages for years and years but thanks to peoples complete ignorance and obliviousness, we have done virtually nothing.

– Your Europe in 2050 (EU Budget)

State of Emergency by Victoria Bilash from Germany.

Europe in the past. Europe now. And Europe in the future. The film shows what happens with the Europe if we will keep to be skeptical about environmental issues.

They were carefully selected by our three judges, Dusty Gedge, Klara Hajdu and Monika Kotulak from more than 160 submissions from this year.

We are very happy to announce that the winner of the popular vote with a 200 EUR prize is:

The Future, by Adegoke Todimu, from Nigeria.

Water is Life. 844 Million people globally lacks a basic drinking water service. Water is a natural resource which people see as unlimited thereby leading to the mismanagement and wastage in its use. This short film dwells on the necessity in water management.

You can read more about Green-GO in our press release here.

We hope for similar successes next year!

30 October 2017

INSiGHTS meeting in Croatia

Sustainable Tourism Product Development at INSiGHTS meeting in Croatia

Internal thematic meeting and transnational workshop in Motovun, Croatia

17-20 October 2017

CEEweb attended the 2nd INSiGHTS multilateral walkshop in Motovun, Croatia, hosted by the local partner, LAG Central Istria. The focus of the study was the transnational learning and exchange on green and healthy tourism. Partners were introduced to the best practices of the Central Istria region and led multiple discussions on how stakeholders can realize tourism product development respecting the three, economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainability.

During the three-day event partners discussed progress regarding thematic objectives and deliverables and gained insight into how cyclotourism has pioneered sustainable tourism and mobility in the Central Istrian region. The presentation on sustainable tourism product development, held by Michael Meyer, CEEweb’s external expert for the INSiGHTS project, focused on a more generally applicable framework as part of the capacity building of the piloting partners. He also moderated the thematic sessions of the Critical Classroom where partners shared their deliberations for the SWOT analysis and jointly developed preliminary instruments to address existing and potential challenges the region faces. In addtion, interim results of the comprehensive sustainable tourism good practice collection were presented by Krisztina Campbell.

For more information please visit the project website: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/insights

For a more detailed description of the event please visit this link: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/news-and-events/project-news/1216

And check out our press release: http://www.ceeweb.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/INSiGHTS_PressRelease-Motovun-17-20-10-2017_FINAL.pdf


13 October 2017

New Protocols to the Carpathian Convention adopted

CEEweb was represented by Erzsébet Óhegyi at the COP5 to the Carpathian Convention 10-12 October 2017 in Lillafüred, Hungary. The Conference was highly important as the Carpathian Convention was extended with a new Protocol on Climate Change, moreover, the Protocol on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development was adopted and signed by Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine. This is a big step further for the protection of our Carpathian Region.

CEEweb was present with an exhibition and a stand for its TRANSGREEN project, which is helping the implementation of the Carpathian Convention and fosters a transport infrastructure in the Carpathians which takes nature into account. Around 150 participants were present on the high-level conference organised by the Carpathian Convention and the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture.


6 October 2017

We are hiring

CEEweb is currently looking for a Communication officer and an office manager.



Photo: Eric Begin, via Flickr CC


2 October 2017

CEEweb is looking for experts on ecosystem services

CEEweb is looking for experts on ecosystem services!

The expert should provide consulting services in term of ecosystem services assessment as part of the Interreg project “Integrated Transport and Green Infrastructure Planning in the Danube-Carpathian Region for the Benefit of People and Nature” (Acronym: Transgreen). The assessment should take place in the Hungarian side of the pilot area Miskolc-Kosice-Uzghorod. Click here for more information!

27 September 2017

CEEweb at Smart City Conference in Budapest

On 21 September, CEEweb presented the project “Smart and Green – the future of Visegrad cities” (funded by the International Visegrad fund) on the international conference “Mind the Space – Workshop and Conference 2017” in Budapest, organised by MindSpace. The conference presented Hungarian and international best practices related to smart city solutions, focused on Central and Eastern Europe. Talks included experiences in looking for new technologies, local organic regeneration and trying to find the answer for how to make Budapest’s declining neighbourhoods prosperous again. The conference gathered around 50 participants from the decision-making and economic sector with several other organisations, as well as young enthusiasts, keen to learn more about bottom-up regeneration of cities.


photo (3)

5 September 2017

Green-Go contest: apply by 22nd Oct!

The deadline for submitting a short video to the Green-Go International Short Film Contest 2017 is fast approaching – less than a month away.  Apply by 22nd October and have your video screened online to thousands of people, and win a prize: 500 EUR in online vouchers for winners of each of the three categories and a 200 EUR worth online voucher for the winner of the public voting.

The three themes this year are:

  • Build Green, Live Green: the focus is on the importance of green infrastructure and nature in our cities
  • The Last Day On Earth?: exploring Earth Overshoot Day and exploiting our planet’s resources
  • Your Europe in 2050: if you had control over the European budget, how would you spend it to make Europe a better place?

Have an idea? Then get your creative juices flowing, take your camera and start with filmmaking right now! Already have a short film that fits into one of the three categories? Send it to us!

Watch our video here for more inspiration and information: http://bit.ly/GreenGo2017 How can you apply? Check out http://greengofest.eu/

Have a question? Drop us a message to contest@nullgreengofest.eu

24 August 2017

Hungarians, join us and win a prize!

Together with our member organisation Green Dependent, today we are launching a campaign to make our planet a better place.

Earth Overshoot Day, this year the 2nd of August, is the day when people consume more natural resources than the planet can naturally regenerate in that given year. This means that for the rest of the year, we are borrowing from our future.  The Hungarian Overshoot Day is 22 September in 2017, which is the day when we as a country extract more fish from the rivers,  log more of the forests, or emmit more greenhouse gases,  than what our ecosystems could sustainably produce or assimilate as waste.

Let’s work out ways to improve the situation and push the date back! Every change is influential, from the pledge to walk more to work instead of taking the car, to a large commitment, such as becoming vegetarian or vegan for a month. We therefore ask you to join us today in making the planet a better place, and send us a photo of you realising your pledge to reduce your ecological footprint in some way today!

How can you take part in the contest? Submit your pledge (for examples see our press release) and a photo about the realisation to info@nullkislabnyom.hu now for the chance to win a 5000 HUF green voucher for a Hungarian shop!

Make Hungary a healthier and happier place to live, do your bit!

You can read our related press release here.

22 August 2017

Educate 4 sustainable resources

Educating for sustainable resource use and raising awareness of related global justice is a challenge, which should start in primary school, if not earlier. As focused educational materials are scarce, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, we developed an educational toolkit within our Stop mad mining campaign, which will be presented to teachers from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic at national workshops. For the educational toolkit we took the car industry with its extensive supply chain as an example, which has high economic importance in all four countries, and presented the various global, regional, national and local aspects from economic, social and environmental points of view. The first teacher workshop will take place in Hungary on 29 August.

These activities are co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund and the European Union and implemented together with SCCD from Slovakia, IGO fom Poland and Glopolis from the Czech Republic.

2 August 2017


Earth Overshoot Day lands today. As a planet, we have been sapping the Earth’s annual stock of resources since the start of the year. Today is the day that we have finally exceeded the budget that we have been offered, six days earlier than last year. This date is known as Earth Overshoot Day, and marks the transition from being in the green, to the red. From fossil fuels and fish stocks to timber and zinc, these finite resources are being used at an unsustainable rate. To fulfill our needs, we are currently using three planets worth of resources each year. Needless to say, we only have one to share around.

This has negative impacts on the planet, not just by leaving less for future generations, but by polluting our planet, advancing climate change and reducing biodiversity. Within Hungary these changes are already becoming evident, with annual temperatures increasing and more frequent droughts.

Here at CEEweb for Biodiversity we are proud to say that we have once again partnered with the sustainability think-tank Global Footprint Network in the #movethedate campaign, aiming to shift Earth Overshoot Day further into the year. Through social media and personal interaction we have been encouraging people to do their bit, by making a simple pledge of how they will live more sustainably. We have collected a diverse range of pledges such as to take a shower and not a bath, to start commuting on foot/take a bus or even to save money to purchase an electric car.

We believe that small changes are as beneficial as big ones, and can accumulate to a visible improvement on the environment. Earth Overshoot Day in Hungary will be on September 22 2017.

You can read our related press release here.