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14 August 2018

Photography is a love affair with life

“Photography is a love affair with life.” – Burk Uzzle, photographer

There are many things we can do to increase our happiness and love for life. As suggested by the famous photographer Burk Uzzle, photography is one such way. Engaging creatively with the world around us can lead to a heady euphoria comparable to romantic love. Getting out into the natural world is another great way to increase our zest for life. Just spending a few minutes a day in a sunny green place has been shown to have a wondrously transformative effect upon our mental states.


Engaging with cultural activities in our local communities is yet another way to boost our endorphins. Why not combine photography, nature and culture by taking part in our Go Wild! Stay Cultured photo competition. Spread the love for Natura 2000, the wonderful network of protected natural areas across Europe, which you can read more about here.


You have the chance to win prizes including two Interrail Global Passes, yet another reason to love life!