Call for investment programmes (projects) in Transcarpathia of foundation for regional development for 2018

Financial Instrument

Title in original language: Конкурс інвестиційних програм (проектів), що можуть реалізовуватися за рахунок коштів державного фонду регіонального розвитку у Закарпатській області на 2018 рік.
Country/ies: Ukraine
Region(s): Transcarpathia
Category: With contents for the support of tourism
Source of funding: Foundation for regional development of Ukraine
Implementation’s period of time: 2018-2020
Objectives and purpose:

1) admit the priorities defined in the State strategy for Regional development, Regional strategy of the development of Transcarpathian oblast for the period until 2020 and plan of activities of its implementation;
2) will be implemented as a projects of cooperation of territorial communities;
3) support voluntary unified territorial communities;
4) development of sport infrastructure
5)implementation of the energy-efficiency activities in state and communal institutions

Eligible applicants: Local or regional authorities
Type of financial support: Grant
Percentage of co-financing: 90
Form of financing: not stated

1) for investment projects and programmes, which foresee building, -submission of the approved according to legislation project documentation
2) calendar plan should be from 1 to 3 years
3) co-financing from local budget of 10 %
4) ability of owners of objects, which are receiving budget costs to further finance and maintain these objects from local budgets

Details of application:

Deadline of the Application packag submission in paper and electronic form is 24.03.2017
amount depends on each separate project

Frame of the support:

10% from local budgets

Special remarks:

Since toursim and sustainable development are among Strategies´ priorities, such projects can be submitted to the foundation. Similar calls should be open for other 3 Oblasts of the Carpathian Region of Ukraine

Info on funding institution:

Documents are to be submitted:
sq.Narodna, 4, Uzhhorod, 88000, r. 405,407.
Phone numbers: (03122) 3-30-91; 61-67-20 phone/fax: 3-53-03.

Contact institution: Department of economy of Transcarpathian Regional Administration
Financial source: State budget of Ukraine