Program to promote tourism and foreign relations

Financial Instrument

Title in original language: Program na podporu cestovního ruchu a zahraničních vztahů
Country/ies: Czech Republic
Category: For the support of tourism
Implementation’s period of time: 2016
Objectives and purpose:

A. overregional events of tourism (CZK 1.5 mil.)
b. Promoting the development of foreign relations of the Olomouc Region (400 thous. CZK)
c. Support for improving services for tourist information centers in the Olomouc region (800 thous. CZK)
d. Promoting tourism in tourist regions Mountains and Central Moravia (10.4 CZK mil.).

Eligible applicants: Enterprises, DMOs, Local or regional authorities, NGOs
Type of financial support: Grant
Percentage of co-financing: 50 - 100 %
Form of financing: pre-financing and post-financing


Details of application:

1 -2/2016

Frame of the support:

0 - 50 %

Special remarks:
Info on funding institution:

Mgr. Radek Stojan


Head of Department
Secretary governorDepartment
Department of Tourism and External Relations of Olomoucky region

 585 508 251 

Jeremenkova 40b, RCO, 779 11 Olomouc,