Programme “Citizens’ initiatives for environment”

Financial Instrument

Title in original language: Program Inicjatywy obywatelskie dla środowiska
Country/ies: Poland
Category: With contents for the support of tourism
Source of funding: State budget
Implementation’s period of time: 2015–2023
Objectives and purpose:

The main goal: Improving the state of natural environment with the participation of local communities.
The specific objectives: solving local problems related to the protection of environment, including creating and supporting partnerships; launch mechanisms aimed at protecting the natural environment; improving management of pro-ecological activity of citizens on the local level.

Eligible applicants: NGOs
Type of financial support: Grant
Percentage of co-financing: Up to 100%
Form of financing: post-financing, pre-financing possible to some extent

NGOs should operate for at least two years to be eligible applicants. Statutory activities of applicants should include environmental protection, nature conservation or contribution to sustainable development. The proposal should include at least 15 local ecological citizens’ initiatives.

Details of application:

Grant should not be smaller that PLN 40,000 (about EUR 10,000) and, at the same time, exceed PLN 150,000 (about EUR 37,500).

Frame of the support:

No co-financing needed (although possible).

Special remarks:
Info on funding institution:

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, ul. Konstruktorska 3a, 02-673 Warszawa, Poland, +48 22 45 90 100,,

Contact institution: The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Department for Ecological Education, Ms. Małgorzata Sikora, e-mail: Phone (secretariat): +48 22 45 90 620
Financial source: State budget