Rufford Foundation

Financial Instrument

Title in original language: Rufford Foundation
Category: With contents for the support of tourism
Implementation’s period of time: not limited yet
Objectives and purpose:

Foundation is a charity to finance nature/biodiversity conservation projects, predominantly for field-based activities. One of its categories is Ecotourism

Eligible applicants:
Type of financial support: Grant
Percentage of co-financing: 10%
Form of financing: pre-financing

Foundation is not financing: Projects in first world countries.
· Pure research with no obvious conservation benefit.
· Expeditions, particularly where the applicant has to raise funds in order to
· Attending conferences or seminars.

Details of application:

You can apply in any time.

Rufford Small Grant (up to £5,000).
· 2nd Rufford Small Grant (up to £5,000).
· Booster Grant (up to £10,000).
· 2nd Booster Grant (up to £10,000).
· Completion Grant (up to £15,000).

Frame of the support:


Special remarks:
Short assessment: Has very wide geography
Info on funding institution:

Application Process:

General Enquiry: