The open competition for the implementation of public service tasks dealing with tourism

Financial Instrument

Title in original language: Konkurs ofert na realizację zadań publicznych z zakresu turystyki
Country/ies: Poland
Category: For the support of tourism
Source of funding: State budget
Implementation’s period of time: Anounced and implemented annualy
Objectives and purpose:

Support for tourism development in Poland by shaping touristic space and staff quality improvement (detailed priorities are set annually).

Eligible applicants: NGOs
Type of financial support: Grant
Percentage of co-financing: 50%; tourism infrastructure up to 70%
Form of financing: pre-financing

Only for NGOs established not less than 3 years ago (1 year in case of local tourism organisations).

Details of application:

Application upon calls launched annually, usually at the turn of the year.

Frame of the support:

Financed by the national government, own co-financing needed.

Special remarks:

Minimal amount of event participants (if an event is planned): 200 people; trainings should last minimum 2 days, conferences - 1 day; staff cannot be paid; grant cannot be used for investments, purchase of land or political/religious activity.

Info on funding institution:

Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland, Department of Tourism; ul. Senatorska 14, 00-082 Warsaw, Poland; +48 22 244 31 72,,

Financial source: State budget