Creation of conditions for conservation of cultural and natural heritage in Polish and Slovak Orava

Tourism Project

Title in original language: Vytvorenie podmienok pre zachovanie kultúrneho a prírodného dedičstva na poľskej a slovenskej Orave

Country/ies: Poland, Slovakia
Status: Actual projects
Category: Projects and initiatives for sustainable tourism development
Link to the Tourism Strategy: Objective 1 - Establish supportive conditions for sustainable tourism products and services, including development of a marketing scheme for the promotion of the Carpathians as a unique sustainable tourism destination objectives of the strategy
Duration of the project: 11/2016-10/2018
Objectives and results of the project:

The purpose of the project is construction of Center of local product in Lipnica Wielkia, a museums and auditorium stage in Bobrow. Within the project, socio-cultural events will be organized in Poland an Slovakia. The aim of this construction of Center of local product is promotion of the local product, which improve standard of living in this region and secure socio-cultural requirements of local resident, especially near the Polish-Slovak border area. We truly believe, the Center of local product will enable development and growth of population growth, conservation of cultural heritage and influence the growth of region atractivness of tourism and investment. Center of the local product include; amphitheater, Pioter Borowego square and exhibition stands. We count on the fact that this center will become a real center of tourism and culinary.

Implementing organization / institution:

Gmina Lipnica Wielka

Project partners:

Municipality Bobrow

Total amount of the project: 586.731,83 EURO
Financing institution(s): National, regional, local government or institutions
Name of program(s): ERDF, Interreg Poland - Slovakia
Project website: