Cultural summer on the Chanell of Bata

Tourism Project

Title in original language: Kulturní léto na Baťově kanálu

Country/ies: Czech Republic
Status: Closed after Sept 2014
Category: Projects and initiatives for sustainable tourism development
Link to the Tourism Strategy: Objective 2 - Develop innovative tourism management, fully integrating the needs of local people and economies and other supporting sectors, and respecting he preservation of natural and cultural heritage
Duration of the project: 2015
Objectives and results of the project:

Promotion of Bata canal, increasing the attractiveness of the region, expansion of cultural events on the Bata Canal, organize events designed regional importance for all age groups, increasing the number of visitors on Bata canal

Implementing organization / institution:

Bata canal municipalities,

Total amount of the project: 150000 CZK (česká koruna) = 5 540.166 EUR (euro)
Financing institution(s): National, regional, local government or institutions
Name of program(s): support of culture and heritage protection - South moravian region