Escapades on the prince road

Tourism Project

Title in original language: Eskapady na kniežacej ceste

Country/ies: Poland, Slovakia
Status: Actual projects
Category: Projects and initiatives for sustainable tourism development
Link to the Tourism Strategy: Objective 1 - Establish supportive conditions for sustainable tourism products and services, including development of a marketing scheme for the promotion of the Carpathians as a unique sustainable tourism destination objectives of the strategy
Duration of the project: 10/2016 - 9/2018
Objectives and results of the project:

The goal of the project is to create a unique touristic product „Escapades on the prince road“, wich is an additional offer to an already existing offer Touristic trail of the nests of the Ľubomírsky family. The path connects the most interesting places connected with an important magnate family in the land on the polish side, and the region of Prešov on the slovak side, including Ukraine. Towns Jarosław a Svidník were put on the trail as atractive places for the tourists. The project is equally a touristic offer of the partners (an alternative offer). With developing tourism and increasing expectations of the tourists, the partners decided to focus on the revitalization of the parks in the towns Jarosław and Svidník, the creation of attractive touristic places with active or passive rest areas, including the promotion of the natural riches and widely unknown cultural heritage of the parter towns of the polish-slovak frontiers. Non-investment activities will be mainly aimed to support the creation of the product of the tourism, to promote cultural and natural heritage of the polish-slovak borders. The objective of the candidate is to address a wide scale of the consumers, the investment projects were planned to revitalize town parks and become the place of active rest of families with children, of people of all ages, including disabled people. The goal of the partners is also to protect the existing heritage, it’s about protecting the environment and to ensure the education in the field of biodiversity, including ecological and environmental education. Revitalized parks will become a place of fun and escapades for children and whole families

Implementing organization / institution:

Gmina Miejska Jaroslaw

Project partners:

Town Svidnik

Total amount of the project: 1.392.227,89 EUR
Financing institution(s): National, regional, local government or institutions
Name of program(s): ERDF, Interreg Poland - Slovakia
Project website: