Gediminids’ Way

Tourism Project

Title in original language: Шлях Гедиміновичів

Status: Closed after Sept 2014
Category: Projects and initiatives for tourism development with only partial contents for sustainability
Link to the Tourism Strategy: Objective 2 - Develop innovative tourism management, fully integrating the needs of local people and economies and other supporting sectors, and respecting he preservation of natural and cultural heritage
Duration of the project: 12.12.2012-19.02.2014
Objectives and results of the project:

With ambition to make it Eastern Europe's first project certified as a cultural route of the Council of Europe, The Gediminids' Way was initiated in December 2012 by a number of Ukrainian cities, museums and cultural reserves historically associated with the cultural heritage of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rus and Samogitia and the Gediminids’ House.

In May 2013, having held a few meetings to discuss the project's shape and the endeavor's mission, vision and objectives, the spearhead group founded a formal entity, Association of Local Governments "The Gediminids’ Way," to implement the project. The President and the Board of the Association were elected. Originally the Association included six cities, later joined by a few more cities and one oblast .

The Association decided to establish an international Board of Trustees for the project and invited a number of prominent public figures to serve on it. Eight Belarusian, Lithuanian, Polish, and Ukrainian politicians and diplomats have accepted the invitation.

As of late February 2014, the Association has signed Memorandums of Cooperation with three Lithuanian municipalities, two districts and a city in Belarus, a city in Poland, a city in the Czech Republic, and two Oblast State Administrations in Ukraine. Negotiations with other prospective partners are underway.

Implementing organization / institution:

Association of Local Governments "The Gediminids’ Way," Ukraine:

2 Senatorky Levchanivskoyi St.
Lutsk 43000 Ukraine
Tel./fax: +380 332 723419

Project partners:

Association of Local Governments "The Gediminids’ Way," Ukraine:

Buchach City Council, Ternopil Oblast;
Dubno City Council, Rivne Oblast;
Izyaslav City Council, Khmelnytsky Oblast;
Kamyanets-Podilsky City Council, Khmelnytsky Oblast;
Khotyn City Council, Chernivtsi Oblast;
Korets City Council, Rivne Oblast;
Lutsk City Council, Volyn Oblast;
Ostroh City Council, Rivne Oblast;
Slavuta City Council, Khmelnytsky Oblast;
Starokostyantyniv City Council, Khmelnytsky Oblast;
Volyn Oblast Council.

Participants based on Memorandums of Cooperation signed with the Association:

Brest City Executive Committee, Belarus;
Cherkasy Oblast State Administration, Ukraine;
Kaunas Municipality, Lithuania;
Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration;
Kutná Hora Municipality, Czech Republic;
Lida District Executive Committee, Belarus;
Lublin City, Poland;
Novogrudok District Executive Committee, Belarus;
Trakai District Municipality, Lithuania;
Ukmergė District Municipality, Lithuania.

Ukrainian partners – educational and cultural institutions:

Kamyanets-Podilsky State Historical Museum-Reserve, Ukraine;
National Historical & Architectural Reserve "Kamyanets," Ukraine;
National Reserve "Castles of Ternopil Region," Ukraine;
National University "Ostroh Academy," Ukraine;
State Historical & Cultural Reserve "Ancient Volodymyr," Ukraine;
State Historical & Cultural Reserve "Mezhybizh," Ukraine;
State Historical & Cultural Reserve "The Khotyn Fortress," Ukraine;
State Historical & Cultural Reserve in the City of Lutsk, Ukraine;
State Historical & Cultural Reserve of the City of Dubno, Ukraine;
State Historical & Cultural Reserve of the City of Ostroh, Ukraine

Total amount of the project: 100 000 hrn, about 3400 euro
Financing institution(s): Others
Name of program(s): Council of Europe