Live archeology as a unique product of cultural tourism in the Carpathians

Tourism Project

Title in original language: Živá archeológia ako jedinečný produkt kultúrneho turizmu Karpát

Country/ies: Poland, Slovakia
Status: Actual projects
Category: Projects and initiatives for sustainable tourism development
Link to the Tourism Strategy: Objective 1 - Establish supportive conditions for sustainable tourism products and services, including development of a marketing scheme for the promotion of the Carpathians as a unique sustainable tourism destination objectives of the strategy
Duration of the project: 02/2017 - 10/2018
Objectives and results of the project:

This project is supposed to create a unique product of geographical, cultural and educational tourism: The trail of live archeology. This trail will allow people the most valuable archelogical discoveries, showing cultural identity. Archeological monuments will be presented in the natural scenery of the relics of the later historical and cultural heritage. The exceptionality of the project results from enrichment of the created touristic trail with educational and cognition features such as observation of cultivating plants, breeding animals, different ways of farming and living life in the long-ago times. Within the project, on both polish and slovak sides, there are plans to mark the trail and it’s curiousities, reconstruct prehistoric: defense buildings, inhabitable buildings, crafting rooms, farming and breeding objects, to show the most important aspects of prehistorical life and farming, cultural continuity and mutual identity of the region of both side of the borders; methods of experimental archeology will be used to accomplish this goal. The partners will work on a compact investment program together (the continuation of an earlier mutual program) allowing the presentation of the archeologic tracks of the common history of the borders. Building of the features of touristic infrastructure will allow an easier access to the curiousities of the trail – application of modern informative tools, supporting the tourists utilizing the trail, preparation and realization of the promoring and educational activities, along with „events on the trail“ – historical reconstructions. Cultural-creating character of the project, presentation of the mutual history and civilizing development of the region of the Carpathians, which will help the effective use of the potential of the cultural heritage to reach social and commercial goals. Realization of the project will have a partnership charecter (exchange of knowledge, experience, objects, development of competentcies)

Implementing organization / institution:

Museum Podkarpackie in Krosnie

Project partners:

Nature museum in Hanušovce nad Topľou

Total amount of the project: 1.067.417,20
Financing institution(s): National, regional, local government or institutions
Name of program(s): ERDF, Interreg Poland - Slovakia
Project website: