Miracle Nature – Tourism capacity building

Tourism Project

Title in original language: "Чудесна природа - изградња капацитета у туризму"

Country/ies: Serbia
Duration of the project: 2013-2015
Objectives and results of the project:

Overall objective:
Strengthening attractiveness of Municipality Majdanpek as a place for business and tourism.

Specific objective:
To improve quality of tourism offer within the nature attraction of Rajkos Cave trhrough improved infrastructure, services and products and enhanced human capacities for tourism within the Lower Danube tourist destination.
- Upgraded tourism infrastructure of Rajkos Cave, the key nature tourist atraction of Lower Danube tourist destination;
- Improved quality of tourism offer of Rajkos Cave, key nature tourist attractionof Municipality Majdanpek and nature attractions of Lower danube tourist destination;
- Strengthened the capacities of local entrepreneneurs in tourism sector in Municipality Majdanpek;
- Created a regional-joint tourism package for nature attractions of the Lower Danube tourist destination;
- Established promotion and marketing in tourism offer of the key nature tourist attractions of Lower Danube tourist destination

Implementing organization / institution:

Municipality of Majdanpek

Project partners:

Municipality of Majdanpek,
Tourist Organisation of Municipality of Majdanpek,
General Entrepreneurs Association of Municipality Majdanpek.

Tourist Organisation of Municipality Golubac,
Tourist Organisation of Municipality Kladovo,
Tourist Organisation of Municiplaity Negotin.

Total amount of the project: 283.614,00€
Financing institution(s): Others
Name of program(s): IPA 2011 – Socio-economic Development of the Danube Serbia Region